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For vegan stores click on the links under 'Related links' further down this page. Rudi's Bakery - link further down the page under Related links.

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Q: Which brands of hamburger buns and sandwich breads are vegan?
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Are all breads vegan?

Not all breads are vegan as some breads have honey, milk or eggs in them. Check the ingredients. Standard Brand Warburtons is NOT Vegan, while Hovis IS. Make sure the bread does not contain animal fats, like lard.

What brands of pasta are vegan?

Basically almost all pastas are vegan.

What brands of margarine are vegan?

Earth Balance is the best vegan butter-style spread.

What are the release dates for Stupidface - 2007 Vegan Cheese Sandwich 2-5?

Stupidface - 2007 Vegan Cheese Sandwich 2-5 was released on: USA: 31 January 2009

Are baked beans vegan?

Yes, many brands of baked beans are vegan. Just check the label.

Where can you buy vegan shoes?

Earth brand shoes sell Vegan shoes and there are online shoe stores that sell Earth and other brands that have a vegan line.

What vegetarian brands are there?

Depending on the foods you are looking for, there are many on the mainstream markets. Boca and Gardenburger make good vegetarian imitation hamburger patties, and Trader Joes has a line of vegan and vegetarian ready-to-cook dishes that can be prepared in the microwave. Whole Foods, Trader Joes, and Jimbo's markets are good for finding vegetarian brands.

Is orange juice vegan?

Natural orange juice is vegan. There are some commercial brands that contain fish oil which makes them non vegetarian/ vegan.

What are some brands of vegan sour cream?

Tofutti makes a vegan sour cream called 'Sour Supreme'. Vegan Gourmet makes vegan sour cream that tastes significantly better than Tofutti's.

What brands of lipstick are vegan?

Vegan lipstick brands -Beauty Without CrueltyBella BotanicalsManic Panic

What is a neo vegan?

An omnivore who eats vegan food sometimes. This is a useless term since anyone who has ever eaten a banana or a bowl or plain rice or a dairy-free PB&J sandwich has eaten vegan food some of the time.

Which brands of icing sugar are vegan?

Wholesome Sweeteners

Is soy cheese vegan?

The answer to this can vary from brand to brand. Cheezley and King land are vegan. And toffutti has a majority of vegan cheese but they do do a salmon flavour which is clearly not vegan. Wheras the Simply Better foods soy cheese is not vegan. There are a number of other brands and it's really a matter of finding out which ones are.

Which bakers chocolate brands are vegan?

Baker's Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chunks

What are some ideas for quick vegan recipes?

Some ideas for quick vegan recipes include soups, pastas, salads....both vegetable and fruit. Breads, sandwiches, snacks, desserts and items made with tofu.

Is powdered sugar vegan?

These brands of powdered sugar are vegan-Florida CrystalsWholesome

Are cosmetics still being tested on animals?

Yes, but it depends on the brand. Not all brands test on animals, some brands are even vegan!

Which brands of soap are vegetarian friendly in India?

These brands offer vegan/vegetarian friendly soaps in India Burst of Happiness, Rustic Art and Soulflower

Is alcohol vegan?

Most alcohol is vegan, some contain cream and other dairy products which does not make them vegan.Some beers and wines are clarified using fish products, which makes them non vegan and non vegetarian.Vodka, whiskey and rum are vegan.The websites listed in the links below have lists of vegan alcohol brands -

Are there B complex diet supplements available to support a vegan diet?

Try your local mega-marts or health food specialty stores for these supplements. There are several brands and types available that are vegan-friendly.

Is niacin vegan?

Niacin is a vitamin and is synthesized by the human body. Although it is found in an assortment of meat and fish, it can also be found in "vegan" sources like enriched cereals and breads or whole grain products.

Are all lipsticks non vegetarian?

Most brands mention it on the label,you can also check on the companies website if its vegan

Is mozzarella cheese vegan?

Most mozzarella cheese that you find in grocery stores and restaurants is made from the milk of cows, buffalo, or sheep, so it is not vegan. However, there are many brands of vegan cheeses that are becoming available that are made to be used like dairy mozzarella. Daiya is one such brand.

Is ciabatta breads vegan?

Yes. Ciabatta is an Italian white bread made from wheat flour, water, salt, olive oil and yeast, so it is suitable for vegans.

Where can you find the nutritional value for vegan food?

On vegen products (drinks, breads, candy, soy or tofu products, ect.) there should be - it's required by law - to be a nutritional label on the food or package that lists thigns such as calories and fat and sodium and carbs and ingredients, to name a few. Otherwise, most brands have a website or call-help-line that you can find out information about the product at.