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India, Ethiopia, Africa, Nigeria, South Africa.

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Grand Bahama, Andros, Abaco, Eleuthera etc

semi commercial farming

The practice of farming is called class.

There are two types commercial grain farming-extensive commercial grain farmingintensive commercial grain farming

Commercial farming is a farming practice where crops and livestock are raised and grown to be sold on the commercial market in Canada. Crops are grown as cash crops and almost all livestock that are raised on the farm or ranch from birth are sold to the auction barn to be fed and reared for meat production.

Commercial farming supplies most of the food supply for Americans. Commercial farming is large scale farming to mass produce crops for chain stores.

A bit of both but generally commercial, subsistence farming is more common in LEDCs now a days and MEDCs usually have commercial farming.

peasant farming- small scale commercial farming-large scale

Modern technology and equipment because developing countries such as African countries doesn't have the same technology as European countries,or other countries related to their technology and equipment.

Both.Denmark has both subsitence and commercial farming.

commercial mechanize farming includes tractors threshers and modern technologies

i don't if malaysia is a sudsistence farming or commercial farming..i known i already study about malaysia 'rice farming in malaysia...huhuh i hope you can teach me

False, because Africa has more Subsistence farming then the commercial farming.

Arable farming is farming that involves growing crops, not raising livestock. Commercial farming is growing crops for profit on a piece of arable land.

Commercial Egg production Commercial Meat production Sustenance Farming Hobby farming Breeding farms

Commercial farming is most commonly found in advanced industrialized nations

The majority of Indonesians are actually employed in subsistence farming. There is very little commercial farming in the area, although it is quite fertile.

yes it does and commercial farming

Subsistence farming is where the farmer only grows enough crop to feed his/her family. Commercial farming is where they farm so they can sell their crop for a profit.

Commercial and Subsistence Farming

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