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England and Spain mainly

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Which Country colonised the United States of America?

United kingdom

Who colonised America?

Well the pilgrims colonised America in the early 1587s

What country in Europe got rich from colonizing most of Latin America?

Most of Latin America was colonised by the Spanish.

Which country colonised Argentina when?

AQWorlds colonised Argentina!

Who colonised North America?

French settlers and British settlers colonised North America, British first

What European country colonised Angola?

Portugal colonised Angola.

Which country colonized Britain?

No country ever colonised the whole of Britain. The Romans colonised part of England and the Vikings colonised small parts of Scotland.

In which year was America colonised?

The American continents began to be colonised in 1494. Parts of what is now the USA were among the first parts to be colonised.

How did Christianity spread to America?

Christian Europeans colonised America.

Did christopher columbuus discover America?

No, he just colonised the Europeans there. People were already colonised there when he got there.

Is Zambia colonised?

No. -Zambia is an independent country. When it was Northern Rhodesia it was colonised by Great Britain.

Which country colonised Singapore?


Which country colonised Nigeria?


Which country colonised the inca's?

the spanish

Which country colonised benin?


Which country colonised Gabon?


Which country colonised Jamestown?


Who colonised South America?

CooL Towell

Which country colonised Mauritius?

The Netherlands, France and the United Kingdom have all colonised Mauritius in the past.

Which country was never colonised or ruled by another country?


Which country colonised Tunisia?

The country which colonized Tunisia is France.

Why the Thailand country was colonize?

It was never colonised. They operated successful diplomacy with the French, who colonised neighbouring Laos.

What country colonised zimbabwe?

great britain

Which country colonised India first?


Which country colonised burkina faso?