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there was more than one country, actually. America opposed them, as did England and France. France gave in i believe only a month after they fought with Germany, but England withstood a year of constant bombings. every day the Germans would fly their planes over bases, cities, and what have you, and bombed them for a year! America didn't even join the war until Japan attacked pearl harbor. They [America] had had an isolationist way, but they helped England with the war however they could.

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Why did Japan join Germany an Italy to create the triple axis?

Shared expansion interests with Germany and Italy. Both opposed Britain and France. Germany thought Japan was a good ally.

Who opposed allies during World War 2?

Germany, japan and Italy

What do you call it when countries opposed Germany Italy and Japan?

War. They were the axis powers and we were the allies.

What country was an ally of germany and italy?

Japan and Austria were 2.

Which country on the axis side lost?

Germany, Italy and Japan

What country did the Axis have?

Main ones were Germany, Italy and Japan

What is Germany and its allies?

Germany was A Nazi ruled country and it's allies were Italy, and Japan.

What country had to pay reparations after World War 2?

Japan, Italy, and Germany.

Who were the axis country?

In WW II the Axis powers were Germany, Italy, and Japan.

Who were the allied leaders opposed to the actions of Germany Italy and Japan in the 1940s?

The U.S., Russia, France, and Great Britain.

Who were the countries that the axis powers opposed?

The 3 main members of the Axis Powers was Nazi Germany, Italy and Japan.

What country was not an Axis power?

All countries that existed except for Japan, Germany and Italy.

What country partnered with Germany during World War 2?

Notably , Italy and Japan .

Which country joined forceswith Germany in World War 2?

Notably , Italy and japan .

What country made up the Axis power?

Basically it was Germany & Italy with Japan as an ally.

What name was used for alliance between Germany Italy and Japan?

Germany, Japan and Italy were called the Axis Powers.

Was Germany an allied country?

No, Germany was an "Axis" power, fighting against the allies. Germany fought along side Italy, as well as Japan.

When did Germany and Italy form an alliance?

Italy, Germany, and Japan formed an alliance on November 6, 1937. It was first just Japan and Germany.

Are there any countries that united to make a new country?

Germany, Italy, and Japan, to name a few.

What country was US enemy?

Japan. Also Germany and Italy, and a few smaller Axis countries.

Which country was not on the winning side in World War 2?

It would be the Axis [Germany, Italy, and Japan].

Name some countries that were your enemies during world war 11?

Italy japan and Germany Italy japan and Germany

Japan Germany Italy were called what?

Germany, Italy and Japan was war time allies were called the Axis Powers by their opponents.

What countries in japan were involved with World War 2?

Umm there are no countries in Japan because japan is a country. But japan was a part of the axis powers which included Italy Germany and japan.

How were the allies of Germany?

Italy and japan were the allies of Germany

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