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1.10 g of hydrogen atoms has more atoms.

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Q: Which has more atoms 1.10 g of hydrogen atoms or 14.7 g chromium atoms?
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What does a molecule of H2O2 look like?

H2O2 or hydrogen peroxide has the two hydrogen atoms on either end of two bonded oxygen atoms. The hydrogen atoms are off at an angle in the same direction from the oxygen atoms ( non linear) and 110 degrees offset from each other. H-O-O-H

What is the pH of a solution that has a hydrogen ion concentration of 110?

A hydrogen ion concentration of 110? 110 what? Or is that supposed to be 1x101

How many different atoms are there?

There are 110 atoms!!!!

Are there about 110 different kinds of atoms?

Yes there are. Atoms are also known as elements.

What is the greatest percentage in the composition of the sun?

The sun, like most other stars, is made up mostly of atoms of the chemical element hydrogen. The second most plentiful element in the sun is helium, and almost all the remaining matter consists of atoms of seven other elements. For every 1 million atoms of hydrogen in the entire sun, there are 98,000 atoms of helium, 850 of oxygen, 360 of carbon, 120 of neon, 110 of nitrogen, 40 of magnesium, 35 of iron, and 35 of silicon. So about 94 percent of the atoms are hydrogen, and 0.1 percent are elements other than hydrogen and helium.

How many different kinds of elements are there?

Think about this. If there are only 110 kinds of atoms, there must be 110 different elements.

An element is any substance that contains one type of?

An element is any substance that is made of one type of atoms. There are almost 110 elements found by the scientists so far. They are linked on the periodic table. Some examples of elements -: gold, mercury, oxygen, helium, iodine, zinc, nickel, copper, magnesium, hydrogen, potassium, calcium, sodium, beryllium, carbon, chromium, californium, chlorine and so on.

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