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The 1995 & later Optispark distributor has about a 2" diameter wheel with three circular depressions and three rectangular depressions. On closer inspection, you'll note the only one of the three rectangular depressions is a true rectangle. The other two are more of an hour glass shape. The dowel pin on the camshaft's end must be inserted into the depression that is a true rectangular shape. Leave the cap off the distributor before engaging the pin in the slot and you'll be able to turn the rotor on the distributor and make aligning them MUCH easier! If you get them properly engaged, the mounting tabs of the distributor should sit nicely on the mounting bosses of the timing cover. If the tabs and bosses don't touch, the pin isn't properly inserted into the correct slot on the distributor.

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How do you change a camshaft sensor on golf gti mark 3?

The camshaft sensor is located in the distributor. I believe you have to replace the hole distributor.

Where is the location of cam sensor on a 1992 ford ranger?

Some of the 1992 Rangers had the camshaft position sensor on top of the engine in the same hole where the distributor used to be. Some Ranger engines did not use a camshaft sensor at all.

Where is mounting bolt for distributor on 305 1993 Chevrolet v8?

There is a tapped hole next to the distributor hole in the intake manifold.

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Does a camshaft sensor need to be in the hole to the engine to work?


What goes in distributor hole on 6.2?

The dristibutor

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How do you fix the timing chain 91caprice?

Fig. 11 Valve Timing MarksRemove engine front cover as outlined previously.Remove crankshaft oil slinger.Crank engine until timing marks on sprockets are in alignment, Fig. 11.Remove three camshaft to sprocket bolts.Remove camshaft sprocket and timing chain together. Sprocket is a light press fit on camshaft for approximately 1/8 inch. If sprocket does not come off easily, a light blow with a plastic hammer on the lower edge of the sprocket should dislodge it.If crankshaft sprocket is to be replaced, remove it with a suitable gear puller. Install new sprocket, aligning key and keyway.Install chain on camshaft sprocket. Hold sprocket vertical with chain hanging below and shift around to align the timing marks on sprockets.Align dowel in camshaft with dowel hole in sprocket and install sprocket on camshaft. Do not attempt to drive sprocket on camshaft as welch plug at rear of engine can be dislodged.Draw sprocket onto camshaft, using the three mounting bolts. Tighten to specifications.Lubricate timing chain with engine oil and install cover.

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What are the timing chain markings for a 1997 Saturn SL1?

There should be a hole in the camshaft that aligns with a hole in the head. That locks the camshaft to #1TDC. Then manually turn the crankshaft until the #1 piston is at TDC. Then install the head and timing chain.

You are trying to put distributor in Chevy 350 you bring 1 up rotor points to other side of engine you pull distributor bring 1 up again and still points to other side you are turning engine over with?

The engine must be at top dead center (TDC) on the #1 cylinder. TDC is on the compression stroke. You are setting it on the exhaust stroke. Remove all spark plugs and slowly turn the engine over by hand. With your finger or a compression gage over the # 1 piston hole, when you feel or see compression you are on the compression stroke, Place a small wooden dowel rod about 8" long inside the #1 spark plug hole and touch the top of the piston. When the dowel moves to the top you are at TDC. Now set the distributor so the rotor is pointing to the # 1 spark plug connection.

What hole on the dist is 1?

As you face the engine the first spark plug wire on your left is connected tot he first cylinder. Trace it back to the distributor and you will have the proper hole. If you have no wires connected then it is usually positioned at about 1 oclock as you face the distributor. (assuming the distributor is properly positioned)

How do you change rear distributor plug on Volvo 240?

If you mean the hole behind the camshaft between the valve cover & the head, then you remove the valve cover, install a new plug & valve cover gasket, and reinstall the valve cover. The part number for the plug is 1336763.

What goes in the hole next to the distributor on a 283 engine block?

Maybe the coil pack don't know what hole you are talking about

Where are the timing marks on the cam and the crank located on a Toyota Camry 4cl 2.2?

The crankshaft itself has no marks, the crankshaft pulley has one, it's white color. The same is true for the camshaft, it has no marks. But the camshaft pulley has a hole in it. That hole must alighed with the mark behind the pulley and the crankshaft should alighed with its own mark and the camshaft in the same time.

Lock position on camshaft pulley for Skoda octavia?

if you mean locking,as in the fitting of timing belt,it is a round hole,inside elongated hole,nearest the bulkhead

Where is the oil pressure sending unit on a 80's 350 v8?

There is a tapped hole on the rear rail near the distributor hole.

How do you install the pickup in a 1990 ford distributor?

Typical: Remove distributor. Use punch to tap roll pin from gear at base of distributor. Use an arbor press (not a hammer) to press distributor mainshaft out of gear. Shaft will then easily come free of the distributor. If a hammer is used, now replace the complete distributor. Unbolt the pickup and replace. Reinstall shaft and gear being sure that gear hole aligns with shaft hole. Install a new roll pin. Install in vehicle. Set ignition timing.

How do you know the front and back on a 302 engine?

Look for the hole into which the distributor is to go, assuming that it is a bare block you're talking about: the distributor goes up front. jb

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How to set timing on 93 Ford Ranger 30L - can't find bolt to loosen distributor?

there should be a clamp right behind the distributor. it will be hard to get to because it is in a hole

What are the order spark plug wires?

1993 Ford Escort 1.9 Liter Engine Spark Plug to Distributor Cap Wire Order: Looking at the engine from the front of the car, the distributor cap is to the right of the engine (or on the driver's side of the car looking from the front of the car. The spark plug wires come from each spark plug and terminate on the distributor cap. They plug in to the distributor cap. Looking at the engine from the front of the car, the spark plugs (left to right) are identified as spark plug "A", spark plug "B", spark plug "C" and spark plug "D". "A" wire comes from the "A" spark plug to the 4th (right most) hole on the distributor cap; "B" wire comes from the "B" spark plug to the 3rd (2nd right most) hole on the distributor cap; "C" wire comes from the "C" spark plug to the 2nd (left most) hole on the distributor cap and the "D" wire comes from the "D" spark plug to the left most hole on the distributor cap.

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