Which hole do you put the camshaft dowel pin on the optispark distributor?

The 1995 & later Optispark distributor has about a 2" diameter wheel with three circular depressions and three rectangular depressions. On closer inspection, you'll note the only one of the three rectangular depressions is a true rectangle. The other two are more of an hour glass shape. The dowel pin on the camshaft's end must be inserted into the depression that is a true rectangular shape. Leave the cap off the distributor before engaging the pin in the slot and you'll be able to turn the rotor on the distributor and make aligning them MUCH easier! If you get them properly engaged, the mounting tabs of the distributor should sit nicely on the mounting bosses of the timing cover. If the tabs and bosses don't touch, the pin isn't properly inserted into the correct slot on the distributor.