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Which is better American cars or European cars?

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2012-02-23 04:10:58

that is a very vague question. If we are talking about

supercars, European cars win there but if we are talking about

muscle cars, Americans win there.

"Answer:" id="Answer:">Answer:

Comparing these two types of cars is fairly complicated for a

number of reasons. European cars and American cars are not better

than one another simply because they have their own negative and

positive traits. Where as European vehicles tend to be higher in

cost, American vehicles tend to be lower. Where as European cars

tend to have higher quality, American vehicles, by opinion tend to

be lower, but quality is debatable.

American vehicles appeal more towards a younger age group with

Ford/Chevy/Dodge making somewhat cheaper cars which are sometimes

referred to as "throw away" vehicles, which simply means the trade

in value of these vehicles will be much lower on resale. European

cars tend to appeal to an older age group and reflect this with the

higher cost of the vehicle. As far as maintenance, European

vehicles do tend to require a greater deal of costs by specialty

and the fact that certain European automobiles are not serviced in

all areas of the world. American cars tend to require less

maintenance simply because of the simplicity of the engines and

genericness of the parts which is also in turn lower in cost and

more serviceable in larger areas.

As far as overall power goes, this is also debatable simply

because American auto makes do make high powered muscle cars and

even higher powered supercars, manufactured by Saleen, Ford, and

Dodge, however European vehicles are known as being equal in power

if not greater because of the larger number of manufacturers which

cater to power over quantity. I could go on for hours about the

overall differences in these two types of vehicles however there is

simply no clear cut answer to which type of car is "better", they

are simply better at each other in certain areas, but all together

it is debatable.

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