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We can't exactly say that this browser is best , it depends on your requirement.

for more vistit

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Q: Which is the best browser for a computer?
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How do you deleat browser history in computer?

The browser history is not common to a computer. It is browser specific and can be deleted in browser only.

What is a US computer service company best known for its web browser?


Which is the best browser to use on your computer?

Well, Internet Explorer has to be the best. I mean, It's already on your computer when you buy it. 10/10 would reccomend it

What browser is this computer using?

web browser

Can Google Chrome harm your computer?

Google chrome is the best internet browser and does not harm your computer. Internet sites containing viruses harm your computer.

How do you get to the browser on the computoe?

on the computer where do i go to change the browser

What is a browser computer terms?

Internet Browser = Program that allows your computer to View the Internet.File Browser = Browser that shows/views the files on your Disks/Hard Drive.

What does browser mean on computer terms?

Internet Browser = Program that allows your computer to View the Internet. File Browser = Browser that shows/views the files on your Disks/Hard Drive.

Which mobile browser open facebook in computer view?

Bolt browser

What browser is fast and has the best quality?

The best custom browser is Aero Browser 6.0.1. The best OFFICIAL Browser is Lunascape6 or Google Chrome in some people's opinions.

What is the best new Internet browser?

The best new internet browser is the Google Chrome internet browser.

Is computer browser history accurate?

Yes, computer browser history is accurate. It maintains a log of all the websites visited.

Where is the browser located on computer?

in the desktop

What kinds of computers can web browser compete with?

A web browser is not a type of computer, and it cannot operate without a computer of some sort.

What is browser name three?

a browser aids in surfing the internet and your computer, it opens web pages like this one three web browsers are safari google chrome (the best) and fire fox or internet explorer computer browsers can be windows explorer

What browser is best for windows 7?

mozila firefox is the best we browser for windows

Which is the best browser 2011?

There is no official browser of the year award. However Chrome version 10 was listed as the best browser.

What is a sentence for browser?

Her browser crashed again.Open your browser and search for monkeys on a search engine.

Is windows a web browser?

lolicanrap: Windows is not a web browser, it is a type of computer software.

What is the best web browser that suit with my computer?

If you want Speed and the choice for many features and addons try Mozilla FireFox

Is a computer a resource?

Yes it is if your computer has:-internet connection-web browser

Why are you using Google is it a Google is a best web browser?

Google is one of the best search engines in the market. The Chrome browser is also one of the best browser.

What is an browser?

A browser is a program that allows you to view the internet. The best browser is Google Chrome.

What is a task that runs on a server computer?


What is the best free web browser?

"Mozilla Firefox" is the best and unique free web browser.