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Generally, large-sized cars like the Crown Victoria (edit: discontinued and Canadian made) are the most reliable and smaller cars like the Focus are unreliable as well as unsafe. (Edit: Focus is safe and very reliable) But if you're going for looks and a decent reliability, go with a mid-size like the Fusion or Malibu.

The longest lasting American vehicles are Chevrolet and Ford full sized pickups. They are designed to be maintained and repaired by owners. Cars are designed to be maintained and repaired by dealers. It follows then, that the dealers with the best service department, (at least during warranty) are going to provide the most satisfactory ownership experience. Where I live, Buick has the best dealership. Luckily, they have started making great cars again instead of the marshmallow cars of yesteryear.

The good news is that nearly all new cars will last twice as long with a third less maintenance than cars built just 10 years ago.

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Q: Which is the most reliable used American car for longevity and is there a site that tells this?
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