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  • the allies
  • to be more exact... Italy changed sides. Not ALL of the allies
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Q: Which nation changed sides during World War 1?
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Which nation changed sides during World War 2?


What nation was a part of the axis and allied powers during ww2?

Italy changed sides in 1943

What country changed sides during world war 2 and why?


What is a nation that does not take sides during a war?

They are called neutrals.

Did any Allies or Axis powers change sides during World War 2?

A number of Allied and Axis powers changed sides during World War II. Of the major combatants, Italy stands out with its switch-over from the Axis to the Allied cause in 1943. Earlier, in 1940, France changed sides, as well, although its support of the Axis powers was mostly as a non-combatant.

Did people swap sides during the English Civil War?

People very rarely changed sides during the English Civil War.

Which country changed sides in world war 1?

the bomed it man

What was the name of the colonial soldier the changed sides during the revolutionary war?

Benedict Arnold

When did Italia surrender in World War 2?

They didn't. They changed sides in 1943.

In World War 1 Which nation switched sides because of territorial promises?


What countries were on each of the two sides in World War 1?

Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy-(later changed sides) Ottoman Empire Russia, United States, Great Britain, France, Italy-(after changed sides)

Which countries were allied to Germany in World War 1?

Austro-Hungarian Empire and Italy (Although Italy changed sides) Austro-Hungarian Empire and Italy (Although Italy changed sides)

Who changed sides in the cold war?

there is a amount of people that changed sides that we dont know

Which country changed sides in world war 2?


What countries were defeated in the World War 2?

germany, japan, italy. ussr changed sides

Which country switched sides in 1915?

The country that switched sides during the war was Italy. They became an allied power in 1915 during World War 1.

Which country switched sides during world war 1?


Which country switched sides during world war 1 and why?


Who were the Unites States enemies with in world war 2?

The US's enemies during WWII were primarily Germany and Japan, early during the war the US was fighting Italy also and then later on Italy changed sides and joined the US and it's allies.

What is it called when a nation does not take sides in a conflict?

The government of Switzerland is world-renowned for their long-standing position of "neutrality".

Why did Voldemort not kill Severus Snape when he changed sides?

Voldemort didn't know Snape had changed sides, Snape was a spy.

Who used the machine guns during world war?

All sides involved did.

What was Mussolinis position in world war 2?

he was the fascist dictator of Italy, until it changed sides, at which time he was executed

What sides were the countries in North Africa on during World War 2?

generally, on the sides of the countries they were colonies of

Which nations switched sides in World War 2?

Finland fought the Nazis at the end of the war but in the beginning fought with Hitler in the countinuation war. Yugoslavia I think changed sides and started against Hitler and then a faciast was installed and they joined Hitler. It could be argued that Italy changed sides after the invasion of the mainland.