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Twenty-two million jobs were created during the Clinton administration.

Job creation data for each president since 1960, courtesy Wikipedia:

Kennedy-Johnson Administration: 5.9 million

LBJ administration: 9.9 million

Nixon's first term: 6.2 million

Nixon-Ford administration: 5.1 million

Carter administration: 10.3 million

Reagan administration (both terms): 16.1 million

Bush 41 administration: 2.6 million

Clinton administration (both terms): 22.7 million

Bush 43 administration: 1.95 million

Or put another way: From 1980 to the end of the Bush 43 administration, all three Republican presidents combined produced, over a period of 20 years, two million fewer jobs than Bill Clinton managed to eke out in eight. Kennedy and Johnson managed to produce 50 percent more jobs in four years than the Bushes did in twelve. (In Bush 43's first term he produced ten thousand jobs.) And as for Carter...the Republicans portray him as a president who could do nothing right, but in his four years he managed to produce nearly as many jobs as Reagan did in his second term--10.3m for Carter, 10.8m for Reagan. Even Eisenhower, one of the few Republican presidents I happen to like, was no good at job creation. His 3.5 million jobs created over eight years were far fewer than the 5.5 million Democrat Harry Truman produced in four. In percentage of increase, Eisenhower's record is similar to Reagan's first term.

Translation: Republicans really don't do this "job creation" thing very well.

If you want to go at it by percent of increase, the president with the best job creation rate in the last 40 years is the last guy you'd ever expect: Jimmy Carter, at 3.1 percent. He beat everyone on the list. He's in second place on the overall list--since they started keeping records in the Hoover administration, only FDR in his first term and FDR in his third term (FDR's second term is right up there with Kennedy and Clinton--not bad, but not over five percent like FDR did in his first and third terms) beat Carter.

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Q: Which president of the us created the most jobs?
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