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Which president was admired the most and the least?

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It's a matter of individual taste. I'm Canadian, but love American History (it's rich in history and of course a lot older country than Canada.) I have to admit I was extremely intrigued by Abraham Lincoln and JFK. Both men are facinating and I really felt from what I learned they really did care about the people and felt all of us should get along as one. Some people hated both these presidents for their own reasons, but I think they were great! Of all the presidents I really don't care for Bush. Clinton was weak (Hillary always in the background hoping to be the President and not just the First Lady, but he was still better than Bush.

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Who is the most admired Philippine president?

There are many past Philippine presidents that have made an impact on the Philippines. Some of the most admired are Ferdinand Marcos, Ramon Magsaysay, and Emilio Aguinaldo.

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Who was president Theodore Roosevelt's role model as a kid?

His biggest role model was his father. The President he admired most was Abraham Lincoln.

How do you use the word admired in a sentence?

You use it like this "Henry admired his mother, Emma.". 'I admire the President for his bravery and help to my country'

Why did president Theodore Roosevelt agree to go campimg with John Muir?

The president admired John's love for nature.

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What event would most be least likely to shape the way most people think about politics?

A. the assassination of a president B. the impeachment of a president C. a television series about the president D. a play about the president

Who was the most ineffective US president?

I would say Andrew Johnson was the least effective US president, for several reasons, most not of his own making.

What qualities did Jackson have that people admired the most?

His talent and his personality.*

Why was Benito Mussolini named after a Mexican president?

Benito Mussolini was named after Benito Juarez becuase Mussolini's admired Juarez he admired what Juarez did which was going from a peasant that didnt even knew spanish to teaching himself spanish and going to become Mexico's 27th president.

What was the most unpopular and least successful of President Thomas Jefferson's Policies?

The most unpopular and least successful of President Thomas Jefferson's policies was the Embargo Act of 1807. It prohibited American ships from trading in all foreign ports.

What are the qualifactions to be president and vice president?

The president or vice president most be a natural born citizen, 35 years old of age, and a resident of the usa for at least 14 years!

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Abraham Lincoln admired George Washington the first president of the united states.

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John Adams admired George Washington. He served as George Washington's vice president.

Who is the least known president?

The least known president or the forgotten president is Benjamin Harrison. Benjamin Harrison served as the 23rd president of the United States.

Which president has had the most death threats in the US?

President Barack Obama the most death threats. He gets at least 30 death threats a day. They say that because he is the first black president and people don't like it .

Which president was a model in 1939?

I am not sure what you mean by "a model," but Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the US president in 1939 and he was still widely admired and trusted by the vast majority of Americans.

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