Which protocol is accessed greatest numbers of user on internet --ftp http udp tcp?

IP is the greatest used protocol on the internet. It IS the internet. The protocols on the internet can be looked at as being done in layers, with IP at the bottom (usually) . TCP and UDP are other connections which rely on the underlying IP network to communication, with TCP being the most commonly used since it offers an end to end connection for the protocols above it (UDP is a connectionless, best effort protocol) Finally, using TCP, we have the remaining protocols such as ftp, http and others. Not many higher layer protocols will use UDP since there is no garuntee that data is deliverd to its desitination correctly. A quick example of a protocol using UDP would be a DNS request. What little abbreviations are hidden in asterisks??


Id imagine http is the most common. Then again I know there's alot of people who spend all their time uploading and downloading torrent after torrent.

Incase you or somebody else reading this doesnt know whats behind the asterisks: its http
HTTP is definitely the most common; however, out of the protocols you listed TCP is more common simply because all HTTP communication uses TCP as well, and other protocols such as FTP also use TCP.