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As far as opening and closing nothing, just make sure your hose is filled with water it is eaiser to begin vacuuming, normally we attach the hose to the vacuum that goes in the pool then attach the hose to the skimmer then begin vacuuming if we do not loose our prime, if the pressure gauge on the filter is reading low you can probaly can start vacuuming if it is reading mid to high pressure it sometimes is best to backwash before vacuuming.


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The vacuum on a pool connects into the vacuum plate that fits over the skimmer basket on the side of the pool. My vaccum attaches in the bottom of the skimmer UNDER the basket. Different types of skimmers.

Sounds like you have too much suction in the skimmer. If you have 2 skimmers and have plugged one to vacuum, try taking it out. If you do not have 2 skimmers and have a main drain, try diverting some more of the suction to the main drain. I am not sure why you would be getting wrinkles unless your liner is loose or you have water behind the liner causing this. Hope this helps

You can find the boiling point of mercury in a vacuum using a closed system.

If you have a dedicated suction for the vacuum hose (illegal in Australia) then you close the skimmer to increase suction.

The vents are opened and closed by vacuum. There should be a vacuum line running from the engine to the inside of the Trailblazer. That line is broken somewhere and it is not sending vacuum to the switch. That will cause it to blow to the top of the dash (defroster) and to the bottom (floor.) Find that line trace it back and splice a new line in where it is broken. That should fix the problem.

Old/worn intake manifold gasket and/or damaged/broken/mis-routed hoses attaching to intake manifold.

Basically, the amount of vacuum in the intake manifold varies with how much the butterfly valves(either in the carby, or in the throttle body on a fuel injected engine)is opened. If you take your foot off the accelerater, the engine is trying to suck air past the partly closed butterfly, thus creating vacuum. If you are under acceleration and the butterfly is open, the engine is drawing air freely, so manifold vacuum is low. Turbocharged engines have lower vacuum because the air is force-fed, so an electric vacuum pump is sometimes used to run the brake booster.

The brakes on a 97 S-10 are bled by attaching a vacuum pump to the bleeder valves and loosening the valve. The vacuum is then used to draw out air until only fluid is present.

Engine vacuum will be affected by valve adjustment due to vacuum leakage when valves are not closed at the proper time, when the piston is on a downward stroke. The vacuum would be less that it should be.

The length of the suction hose is around 2 feet, with an additional extender where the hose can extend up to 3 feet. with the Canister Vacuum.

A barometer is a closed-system vacuum that allows the mercury to expand with changes in temperature and pressure.

Remove brake lines from master cylinder. Remove the two bolts attaching master cylinder to vacuum booster. remove vacuum hose from vacuum booster. It just pulls out of booster but will give you a little resistence. Remove cover above gas and brake pedals on drivers side floor board. While laying on your back or right arm look up into dash and find and disconnect brake pedal linkage/rod from brake pedal (there is usually a pin with a clip holding this together). Then remove 4 bolts attaching vacuum booster to fire wall. Go back under hood and remove vacuum booster.

When trying to open the freezer that was recently opened, you will get slight vacuum inside opposing the door opening. On the first opening, some relatively warm air enters the fridge and once the door is closed it is cooled and this causes a drop in pressure that is so called "the suction". When you quickly close the door, the moisture in the warm air is cooled instantly and condenses out. This causes the 'new' air to lose volume creating the vacuum effect. Its a good thing really, as it proves that your door seals are working.

Sealed; for a month or more. Opened probably around ten days.

The vacuum cleaner--which could be converted into a hair dryer by attaching a hose to the exhaust.

It could be a leaking vacuum hose to the power brake booster or the membrane in the booster could have a hole. When the brakes are applied, the booster is opened to the engine vacuum via the hose. The vacuum leak would then increase, causing the engine to stall.

vurtually no molecules will be in the container... and great force will be put on the walls of the container

The importance of creating a vacuum when food is canned, is that it minimizes or eliminates the exposure of the food to oxygen. When foods are exposed to oxygen, they begin to spoil and decompose, and bacteria grow rapidly. At that point, they generally have poisonous levels of bacteria. By creating the vacuum, the food doesn't grow bacteria until the vacuum seal is opened.

Pressure Cooker Operation In pressure cooker,the food is cooked in closed condition ,where,there is pressure valve ,here you are increasing the pressure inside the vessel hence ,pressure inside the pan will be greater than atmospheric pressure,hence the boiling point is reached in less time and cooking takes place faster. Vacuum Pan Here vacuum is opened or reducing the pressure where air inside is removed and hence the product is cooked at lower temperature .More u increase the vacuum,more reduction in pressure and hence longer time to cook ,

MAP = Manifold absolute pressure. A map sensor monitors the level of vacuum in the engine to help determine correct air/fuel ratio. if the vacuum drops its because you've opened the throttle and it needs to add more fuel. more vacuum, less fuel.

It is an electrically operated valve that when energized let's the vacuum through to the EGR valve to open it. Many also contain an electical switch that is closed when the vacuum is applied to the EGR valve to send a confirmation signal back to the ECM (engine control module).

Uncover it, remove gizmos from skimmers, put the skimmer baskets in, remove jets covers, put the jets in, turn on pump, check filter, vacuum it if necessary, shock, it, check the little water testing strips and adjust as necessary.

The King valve is closed, starving the low pressure side, creating more vacuum while charging with a liquid

The best thermal insulator is vacuum as in the gap of the thermos bottle. Another god thermal insulators is air (as in closed cell polyurethane foam or double glaze windows, or any gas in closed environment.

There is a very good chance this is caused by a vacuum leak somewhere. An old way to check for vacuum leaks is to take an unlit opened propane torch and wait for the engine to surge and you found your leak.

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