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Virginia was the birthplace of eight presidents. The state is sometimes referred to as the "Mother of Presidnets" for this reason.

Presidents born in Virginia
  1. George Washington - born 1788 at Popes Creek Plantation, Westmoreland County
  2. Thomas Jefferson - born 1800 in Shadwell, Albemarle County
  3. James Madison - born 1808 in Port Conway, King George County (kind of ironic when you consider he was one of the founding fathers who was rebelling against the King George his birth county was named after)
  4. James Monroe - born 1816 in Westmoreland County
  5. William Henry Harrison - born 1840 at Berkeley Plantation, Charles City County (although he lived most of his life in Ohio, so they usually claim him as one of their own)
  6. John Tyler - born 1841 in Charles City County
  7. Zachary Taylor - born 1848 in Barboursville, Orange County
  8. Woodrow Wilson - born 1912 in a house in Staunton, Virginia

Ohio comes in second with 7:Presidents born in Ohio
Ulysses S. Grant (born there in 1868)
Rutherford B. Hayes (born there in 1876)
James A. Garfield (born there in 1880)
Benjamin Harrison (born there in 1888)
William McKinley (born there in 1896)
William Howard Taft (born there in 1908)
Warren G. Harding (born there in 1920)

Note that Ohio can lay a claim to William Henry Harrison because he lived most of his life there. Taylor moved out of Virginia as a young boy , grew up in Kentucky and live in KY when he was elected president, Ulysses S. Grant was elected as a resident of Illinois, Benjamin Harrison was elected while a resident of Indiana, and Woodrow Wilson was a governor of New Jersey when elected.

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Virginia is the birthplace of 8 U.S. Presidents. It is the most of any state

More U. S. Presidents were born in Virginia (eight) than in any other state. Close in second place with seven is Ohio.

The state that was the birthplace of more of the 43 U.S. Presidents to date (1789-2012) than any other state is Virginia. Eight Presidents were born in Virginia, although more than half of the eight were born before Virginia was a state. Regarding the 18 U.S. Presidents of the past century (1912-2012), the most popular birthplace is a three-way tie among Ohio, Texas and Massachusetts (two per state).

Virginia, with eight presidents, though the most recent was Woodrow Wilson.

Virginia is the home state to the most presidents.

Eight U. S. Presidents have been born in Virginia, including four of the first five and seven of the first twelve. Ohio is a close second; seven Presidents were born there. Each of the states of New York and Massachusetts was the birthplace of four Presidents, and each of the states of North Carolina, Vermont and Texas was the birthplace of two Presidents. The other 15 U. S. Presidents were born in 15 different states.

i think it was the U.S.A

The state that was the home state of the most US Presidents, eight of them, is Virginia. In fact, although it shared first place with Massachussets for four years, Virginia was never not in first place as the home state of the most Presidents. Four of the first five Presidents, Washington, Jefferson, Madison and Monroe, were from there.

All presidents have been, as well as most Congressmen and most State legislative bodies.

Virginia is a state in the South Atlantic region of United States of America. The state is known as 'Mother of Presidents', because it is the state where most presidents were born.

More were born in Virgina than in any other state, but more actually lived as adults in Ohio. Both of these states make a claim to being the mother of the Presidents.

The most popular HOME state of U. S. Presidents is New York (7). Ohio is a close second at 6.The most popular birth state of U. S. Presidents is Virginia (8). Again, Ohio is a close second (7).

As of May 2014, none of the Presidents of the United States are buried in Georgia. There state where most of the Presidents are buried is Virginia, with seven.

Yes, four U.S. Presidents to date have been born in New York State, making it tied with Massachusetts as the third most popular state of birth among U.S. Presidents.The four who were born in New York are...Martin Van Buren,Millard Fillmore,Theodore Roosevelt, andFranklin D. Roosevelt.

There have been 18 Republican presidents, 15 Democratic presidents, the rest were either Federalist or of the Whig Party.

Yes, with qualifications. Eight Presidents were born in what later became the state of Virginia but only three were born after Virginia was a state in the United States. Seven presidents were born in Ohio and all were born after Ohio became a state.

Most of them are lawyers. Most of them had experience either in Congress or as a state governor.

The birthplace of Christianity is from Adam and Eve. Most people think the birthplace is Jesus, but he just encouraged Christianity.

James is the most common first name for US presidents. William and John have been the name of 4 presidents each; George have been the name of three.

There is no constitutional requirement. Most of the presidents have been lawyers or have had experience as a state governor or in the US Congress or as a high-ranking general.

The college that produced the most American Presidents is Harvard University. As of 2014, there have been six President that graduated from Harvard University.

Baked Ham, Lovers, Wine, Baked Ham, Lovers, Wine and of course it is the birthplace of eight US Presidents, the home state for the headquarters of the US Military called the Pentagon, the home of the Central Intelligence Agency, the site of Bull Run and Appomattox Court House, the birthplace of Virginia Dare, etc, etc, etc,it is where the civil war took place, it is where the most tobacco was grown

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