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Which state has had the most presidents?

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Which state gave us the most presidents?

Virginia is the home state to the most presidents.

Which state was the birth place of most US presidents?

Virginia is the birthplace of 8 U.S. Presidents. It is the most of any state

What state elected the most presidents?

was up

Which state had the most presidents?

i think it was the U.S.A

Which state is home to the most presidents?


State that produce most presidents?


What state was most presidents elected from?


Where are most presidents from?

The state that was the home state of the most US Presidents, eight of them, is Virginia. In fact, although it shared first place with Massachussets for four years, Virginia was never not in first place as the home state of the most Presidents. Four of the first five Presidents, Washington, Jefferson, Madison and Monroe, were from there.

In which state were most presidents born in than any other?

Virginia with eight presidents.

What state has been home to the most US Presidents?

Virginia, with eight presidents, though the most recent was Woodrow Wilson.

Which us state is the birthplace for the most presidents?


Which state has the most presidents been elected from?


What region was Virginia in?

Virginia is a state in the South Atlantic region of United States of America. The state is known as 'Mother of Presidents', because it is the state where most presidents were born.

Which state has produced the most presidents US?

Virginia with 8

What state was the home 7 us presidents?

The most popular HOME state of U. S. Presidents is New York (7). Ohio is a close second at 6.The most popular birth state of U. S. Presidents is Virginia (8). Again, Ohio is a close second (7).

In which state were the most presidents born in than any other?


Which state has the largest number of presidents that were born there?

Virginia has the most with eight,

How many presidents are buried in Georgia?

As of May 2014, none of the Presidents of the United States are buried in Georgia. There state where most of the Presidents are buried is Virginia, with seven.

Does Virginia have the most presidents born there?

Yes, with qualifications. Eight Presidents were born in what later became the state of Virginia but only three were born after Virginia was a state in the United States. Seven presidents were born in Ohio and all were born after Ohio became a state.

Which state is called the President's state?

There is not a state called the Presidents state. There is a state known as the Mother of Modern Presidents and that is Ohio.

Is San Diego State Univerisity closed on Presidents' Day?

Most are.

Seven presidents have lain in state?

What is the meaning " Seven presidents have lain in state?

What characteristics have many presidents shared?

Most of them are lawyers. Most of them had experience either in Congress or as a state governor.

Which state is called the Cradle of Presidents?

The state that is often referred to as the Cradle of Presidents is Ohio. To date, eight presidents have been from Ohio.