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Q: Which state has the most animal abusers?
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How many animal abusers are in Florida?

I think alot of animal abusers are in Florida.I watch animal planet ever night and I get so mad of the people who do stuff to the animals. I know there millons of animals abusers in Florida. If you watch animal planet ever night then you wish that the animal abusers will go to jail forever. I hope I answered your question. Just to say there millons of animal abusers in Florida.

What happens to a animal abuser after found abusing a animal?

The abuser goes to court. If ruled guilty... The abusers has usually 5-25 years of jail time. Most of it depends on what county and state the abuser went to court in. The abuser goes to court. If ruled guilty... The abusers has usually 5-25 years of jail time. Most of it depends on what county and state the abuser went to court in.

Who abuses animals?

Animal abusers do.

What are the consequences for animal abusers?

In the state of Washington, you will have to pay a fine up to $10,000, and be withheld in prison for 5 years.

How many animal abusers are in jail?

Not enough.

What predators do pit bulls have?

animal abusers

Should animal abusers have a harsher punishment?

Most Animal abusers are charged with a 1,000 dollar fine and sentenced 2 days in jail, but in my opinion i think the punishment should be larger then that. Just because most animals can not talk doesn't mean that they do not feel pain or sadness.

What do you call those people that arrest animal abusers?

animal police

What do you call the people who abuse animals?

animal abusers

What place mostly abuses animals?

Truth is... there is animal abuse EVERYWHERE you go. in every town city and state there are animal abusers. it is unfair and not right and no life should be abused.

How long can animal abusers be sentenced to in jail?

It depends on how bad the animal or animals were abused.

How do you report animal abusers?

you call 9-1-1.

Do animal abusers become murderers?

Probably not because animal abusers aren't killing animals, they are punishing them, because they are mean and they must of had something happen to them. Murderers are people who kill other people, not torture them.

How long do child abusers go to jail for?

in the state of Oklahoma chil abusers can receive up to life without parole.

Are most firefighters sexual abusers?


What state has the most animal abuse?

As of December 2012, KENTUCKY---6 years in a rowDemand Kentucky Crack Down on Animal AbuseFor the sixth straight year, Kentucky has been declared the worst state for animal abuse. Despite the efforts of several state legislators and the Humane Society of the United States, Kentucky's animal abuse problem comes largely as a failure to increase the penalties for animal abusers. Call upon the governor of Kentucky to ensure that something is done immediately to keep these animals safe.

Pros of animal cruelty?

There are no PROS of animal cruelty its all CONS which is exactly what convicted animal abusers are. Con (vict)s.

How many animal abusers abuse animals?

millions all around the world

What animal appears most on state flags?

The Bald Eagle is the animal that appears on the most number of US state flags.

How many animal abusers are caught each year?

on average 19,000 are cought every year.

What should be done to animal abusers?

They should be arrested because animals has the same rights as humans

What is the term for people who abuse animals?

People who abuse animals are called animal abusers. Or jerks.

What state has the most reports of animal abuse?

I have idea but I am guessing the state with the most crime because animal abuse is illeagal so you would go to jail

Texas state animal?

the state animal of Texas is the armadillo. which came from Mexico along time ago. the armadillo is the state animal because it's the one with the most population in Texas since it came it has been the state animal of Texas

What is the state punishment for animal abusers in Singapore?

In Singapore, cruelty to animals is a crime. Under the Animals and Birds Act, anyone who is found guilty of such an offence including abandonment of any animal, can be imprisoned for up to 12 months, fined up to $10,000, or both.