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Which way do fuel hoses go on the fuel pump?


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The larger diameter neck out of the fuel pump is the pressure output and goes to the line that goes to the fuel filter. The other one is the low pressure return line, which is fuel returning to the fuel tank from the fuel injector rail. This question is making wonder, because the quick connect fittings on the end of the lines, are different sizes, and can't be crossed up. I am sincerely hoping that the OEM lines are still present, and we are not trying to clamp bulk rubber lines onto the system. Because clamping rubber lines in place of the OEM lines, is asking for a serious explosion.


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Take a good look at the hoses and fittings. They are three different sizes. They can only fit correctly one way.

there are not a lot of hoses, you have one from the fuel pump under the tank to the carb and one from the fuel pump to the intake for vacuum, there is also one from the air box to the valve cover for ventilation. the bottom of the fuel pump is what connects to the carb, the side is for vacuum.

You need to drop the fuel tank. Also you need to remove the hoses that go from the fill port to the tank.

The fuel pump is in the gas tank. You have empty the gas tank, disconnect the hoses and holdup straps and then lower the tank. The fuel pump/gas gauge module are screwed into the top of the tank. Go to the library and take out the repair manual.

There is no magic potion that will rejuvenate a tired electric fuel pump. A new fuel pump and fuel filter is the best way to go.

go to the back seat and pull the two tabs in between the seat and the floor and pull the seat up and out. And you will see the fuel pump, remove all hoses and bolts and it comes out, dont be surprised if you spill a little fuel.

Thers a filter mesh on the in tank fuel pump , which you get to under the rear seat. thers a filter on the hoses that go to the injection rail near the fuse box in the engine compartment. My problem was that the fuel pump was knakered and replacing it sorted my fuel problems

first....you buy a new or used fuel pump.....i recommend buying a used one because a fuel pump for a 1999firebird will cost you about 200$ or more.......there are two ways that you can replace the fuel pump......one way is to get the car on a lift and drop the fuel tank from under the body..... then the fuel pump will be easily accessible....take there will be two wire connections and three fuel hoses coming off of the pump.........take those off then get a hammer and chisel and GENTLY knock on the chisel where the locking plate is locking the fuel pump to the tank...... then put the new or used pump in....then you want to connect the hoses back together.......then put the fuel tank back up in to the body and then put the supports back in place the second way of doing it is a little low tech......... you take the carpet out from the trunk then get an angle grinder then cut a hole in the trunk in the hump......then take the fuel pump out like i said in the above method and then put in the pump with the above method....... get some silicone caulk to seal back the hole that you cut....then you are ready to go I have done it 2 times...... once in the middle of nowhere.....

no reset common for them to go bad.

Take out passenger seat, go into the glove box behind.Pull out the bottom. Disconnect the fuel hoses from the pump assembly. Take out the screws holding the pump assembly in place and pull out the white housing. Then use a fluid transfer pump to remove the fuel

Fuel pump strainer goes on the end of the fuel pump assembly inside the fuel tank.

The Two Small Hoses That Comes Off your Water pump Go To Your Heater Core The Hoses Are About 3/4"

your fuel filter has nothing to do with your fuel pump the fuel filter is there to keep Pisces of trash from making there way to your Inge's if your fuel filter gos out your car can start and then shut off also the if you hear your fuel pump when you turn your car on then your fine if you turn the key and you don't hear that little noise then your fuel pump has go out hope this help out

Inside the gas tank. In order to get at it, you have to disconnect the gas tank, and youll find where three hoses go in, a screw-type ring. back off the ring, and theres your fuel pump.

either your fuel pump is about to go out or you just have a noisy fuel pump but its because it is always pumping fuel when the car is running


remove fuel tank and remove fuel pump where the fuel line go into the tank cover and pump is in side of tank

A plugged fuel filter can cause the pump to fail prematurely due to it having to work harder to pump the fuel through.

In the fuel tank. Jack up the passenger side of the vehicle as much as possible depending on the amount of gas in the tank. Look under the vehicle next to the passenger rear wheel up next to the fuel tank. You will see the fuel filter and the fuel pump attached to the fuel tank. Make sure before disconnecting any hoses the system is purged. You can purge it by releasing the pressure on the fuel rail this can be accomplished by pressing in the valve watch out though it could have lots of pressure on it. Once purged disconnect all high pressure hoses going to the side of the fuel tank attaching to a plastic fuel pump. Take a screw driver and a hammer and tap the ring surrounding the fuel pump into a circle until it releases the pump once its released pull it out of the tank and prep the new one to go in.You will have to remove the tank to get the pump out.

With stow and go seating the fuel filter is part of the fuel pump module in the tank.With stow and go seating the fuel filter is part of the fuel pump module in the tank.

They simply don't last for ever. The best way to extend the life of any fuel pump is change the fuel filter when needed, it put's less stress on the pump.

Not very easily as the fuel will have to go through the in tank pump. It would be very difficult if not impossible.

it depends if the fuel pump is on the motor or in the gas tank if it is on the motor you would have to take the to bolts off the make sure the gastit is all off take hoses off a metal are will come out the motor that is what pumps the fuel make sure the arm is in the same place when you replace it goes on in a certain place when you put back on put gaskiet on and replace bolts hook up hoses and your ready to go if it is in the gas tank you will have to drop the gas tank pull off the metal ring that holds the gas tanks lines in place and it will pull out of the gas tank and the fuel pump will be in there do it the same way you see it and it will work

This is not a safe way to test a fuel pump. Simply test the pump with a fuel pressure gauge while it is still in the vehicle. If you go to all the trouble of dropping the fuel tank and removing the pump then just replace it.

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