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Screw down = pressure up. Screw up = pressure down.

2006-08-28 06:25:57
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Why do your ears pop when coming down from the mountains in a car?

Mountains have thinner air than the lower ground. Your ears adjust to the pressure up on the mountain, but then have to readjust to their normal level of pressure as you come back down. That adjustment accounts for the popping in your ears.

How do you adjust the headlights if you cannot reach the adjustment screws on a 1991 Buick Skylark?

If you cannot reach the adjustment screws, you're only alternative for headlight aiming is to change tire pressure. Deflate the front tires to lower the headlights, deflate the rear tires to raise the headlights.

How Adjust rear brakes 1985 Toyota Tercel?

The 1985 Toyota Tercel brakes are equipped with an adjustment bolt. Turn the adjustment bolt to raise or lower the brake shoe.

How do you adjust the speed of your spyder paintball gun?

There is an adjustment knob on the back end of all spyder guns. You adjust it with an Allen (hexagonal) wrench. clockwise is higher velocity, counter clockwise is lower.

If water distribution in 10 story building is down-fed How is the pressure to various floors regulated?

Different answers here. Could be gravity fed with no regulator meaning the more water in the storage tank the more pressure. Could be pressure regulators on each floor. Pressure will lessen the lower the tank capacity is lower.

How do you adjust the transmission on a 1992 Buick Park Avenue?

if it is computer controlled then only the vacuum modulator can be adjusted. This will raise or lower mainline pressure in the trans. if it is hydraulically controlled, then you can also adjust the throttle pressure cable to increase or decrease throttle pressure

Where do you adjust the velocity of a spyder E99?

on the back of the marker there are 2 tubes, on the back of the lower tube there is an adjustment knob or set screw (depending on which exact model) turn it in for higher velocities, out for lower velocities

How do you adjust the idle on a 2000 Ford F-150?

There is an adjustment screw that sits against the "dashpot" and you turn it right (in) to lower the idle and left (out) to raise the rpms.

How do you aim headlights on 2002 Acura?

The are adjustment screws next to the headlight housings. To adjust the headlights either loosen or tight the screws. This will either raise or lower the headlight unit.

How do you adjust headlights up and down on a 1996 Mazda 626?

open hood. On top of each headlight there is an adjustment screw. Turn it either way to lower/raise the headlight

How do you adjust the headlights for a 1996 acura 2.5 tl?

There are small adjustment levers next to the headlight housing on the 1996 Acura T.L. Loosing or tighten it to raise or lower the lens of the headlight.

How do you adjust the headlight beam on a 97 ranger?

there are two adjusting screws between the grill and core support. the lower one is for verticle and the upperone for horizontle adjustment. it takes a 4mm socket to do this.

How do you measure with a microscope?

The vernier adjustment is numbered. Go to the lowest point in the object you can focus on. Note your vernier setting. Adjust to the highest point you can focus on. Subtract the lower number from the higher and you get depth.

What is used to lower the lenses on a microscope?

The coarse adjustment knobs are used to to lower them dramatic amounts. And the fine adjustment knobs are used to lower them very small amounts, in order to focus in better on what you want.

How do you adjust the caster and camber in a 1972 vw beetle?

Camber is done by adjusting the lower control arm bolt. Caster isn't really adjustable. you can buy a kit from that will give you more adjustment.

I installed a new stem on a tub shower faucet and now the water pressure is lower than before Is there a way to adjust the stem to get more flow?


How do you adjust a kick down cable on a 1994 ford escort?

Loosen the clamp bolts on the cable. If it is shifting down to a lower gear when the throttle is at max it is all right. If it is shifting down too early, lengthen the cable adjustment. If it is shifting down too late or not at all shorten the cable adjustment.

Do driveway alarms have different setting for their loudness?

Some driveway alarms have different settings allowing for the adjustment of loudness. The more expensive driveway alarms allow one to adjust the receiver to lower the sound that is emitted.

How do I adjust the headlights on my Renault Espace There is no in car dial to adjust and no cross head screws on top of the headlight just an Allen screw which doesn't seem to do anything?

My espace is a mk4, and i have no head light adjuster in the cabin, the headlights adjust automatically with load in the vehicle or if you have a trailer or caravan on. The adjustment is done by a sensor linkage on the lower wish bone on the front near side

What shoud the fuel pressure regulator be set at on a 1991 Chevy 4x4and im still using the fuel pump in the tank?

You need to hook a fuel pressure gauge to it and adjust the regulator so that you have 9 to 13 LBS, of fuel pressure. No lower are higher.

Do higher or lower altitudes have lower air pressure?

Higher altitudes have less air pressure, while lower altitudes have more air pressure.

How to adjust ride height on 00 gmc jimmy?

For the front end you can adjust the torsion bars by tightening or loosening the torsion bar key adjustment screws. It should be an 18mm hex head bolt. There should be a few inches of play overall; any further adjustment would require changing out the spindles or lowering blocks. l Since the rear end is traditional leaf springs there are a lot of accessories you can order to raise or lower it.

What are some good foods that lower blood pressure?

In sun flower seeds the peptids lower blood pressure. Non-fat Yogurt may lower blood pressure. Bananas lower your blood pressure definitely. Potatoes, Spinach, Oats and Beets are good food to lower blood pressure.

Where water boils first in lower pressure or high atmospheric pressure?

in Lower pressure water does not have to get as hot to boil

How do you adjust the belt tension for the alternator on a 91' Honda Accord?

Loosen the upper and lower alternator mounting bolts. Turn the adjustment bolt on the lower left-hand side of the alternator. You should only be able to bend the belt 90 degrees at its longest run, in the middle. When done adjusting, tighten the upper and lower alternator mounting bolts.