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Who are false prophets of today?


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December 28, 2012 8:14AM

Type your answer here...DOES ANYONE REALLY KNOW.Any one, who wiilingly leads another in to believing Christ would promote evil,and teach false doctrins in the name of Jesus is a false prophet,and subjects himself to hell.Read your Bible, to know the truth.The Bible isn't a work of fiction,as some would like you to believe.It is not a fairy story,as most collages teach,or a myth.God is real,he is not dead.God sais to test the truth for your self.Let your conscience be your guide.Use comman scence,youre intuition, is you're best weapon against satan.If it feels wrong,then it usualiy is wrong.Have you ever met a person,and instantly disliked the vibe comming off that person? That is a built mechanism God instilled in you to Recognise evils presence.That doesn't meen that person is evil,that meens evil is present.That person may not even know evil has latched on to them,but if you are a Christian,God reveals it to those who are faithfull.False prophets know what they are doing,However;they choose to ignore everthing God told them not to do,and chooses to lead any one who would believe in false miracles,and signs,right down with them.God doesn't do parlor tricks,or perform like a circus pony.If God performs miracles,you will know it.God lets you suffer,to make you stronger in the spirit.He tested Job,and trippled his household, and goods because he was faithfull.God doesn't want you to suffer,but in doing so you become stronger through him.God doesn't favor one from another,and if Job can be tested,who are you to question God?