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Who are the US leaders during the cold war?


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The President of the U.S. during The Cold War was Truman.

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President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was in charge of America during the Cold War.

They are Ronald Regan and Eisenhower

The US and the USSR were the leaders of their respective sides during the cold war.

Robert E Lee. and General ulysess s grant

{| |- | No they certainly did not. There was a great deal of suspicion and hostility between the two groups. The US and the Soviet Union were the leaders of the two factions during the Cold War. |}

The US did NOT allow the communists (USSR) to expand during the cold war.

Latin America was the strategic backyard of the US during the Cold War. The Cold War started after World War II and lasted until 1991.

Nuclear weapons made the cold war, the cold war influenced US policies.

It motivated U.S. leaders to aggressively fight the spread of communism.

There were 5 u.s presidents during the cold war

solviet union: joseph stalin us: truman

Which year were the US and Soviet union became rivals during the cold war?

what were two problems faced by the united states during cold war

There were a few organizations that the US formed during the Cold War. Two of the organizations were the Warsaw Pact and NATO.

It was a US spy plane to keep surveillance during the Cold War.

The major rivals of the Cold War were the US vs. the USSR.

During the Cold War, the US fought with Vietnam because of Communism

The communists were STOPPED during the Korean War. The communists won during the Vietnam War. The impact on the US, is that that was part of the Cold War; and the Cold War ended in 1990.

The cold war was a MILITARY stand-off between the US and USSR.

Weapons during the arms race.

There was no "Cold War" uniform. The Cold War was an uneasy peacetime situation, not a uniformed shooting war - that is called a "hot" war.

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