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Who built the railways in 1750-1900?

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in 1865 railways were introduced to Canada Hughes' book states that this was a six-wheeled tank engine, probably a 2-2-2WT built by E. B. Wilson, and of standard gauge. Some details of the wagons and the use of the locomotive are in Sir Proby T Cautley's "Report on the Ganges Canal Works" (3 volumes, 1860).

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When were the railways built in England and Wales?

Approximately from 1800 to 1900.

Where were the railways first built in England and in Bristol?

ur fanny6

Who built the dunedin railway station?

It was built by the New Zealand Railways, but is currently owned by the Dunedin City Council. Built in 1906.

How were railways built?

metal bars spread out like a giant ladder

How does the railways build?

Railway tracks is built for world war 2

Achievement of sir Gordon guggisberg in Ghana?

1.He built the takoradi harbor in 1928 2.he built primary schools in Ghana such as the Achimota primary school 3.he built the Korle-bu hospital between the years of 1920 & 1923 4.he built may roads and railways including Accra,Kumasi railways

Why were the railways built and did everyone want them?

I think because it was very long and big!

What was built in England that helped farmers and manufacturers get goods to market?

The railways and canals

Which term does not refer to electric railways built either underground or on an elevated system of rails?

Bus systems.

What are the priority areas of Indian railways-2004?

Central Railways, Northern Railways & Western Railways.

What was imbard kingdom brunel famous for?

he was a civil engineer and built many famous bridges, boats, tunnels and railways.

Where did transcontinental US railroad workers come from?

They were mainly Chinese in origin, while in Britain, it was the Irish that built the railways.

What is a sentence for railways?

These railways are awesome!

Why were railways built?

That they served the nation's political, economic and geographical interests can not be denied, but the builders had no such lofty goals, they sought profit.

What was done in response to Lack of safe and efficient transportation?

railways and waterways were built to supply the people with safe and efficient transportation

What has the author F G Cockman written?

F. G. Cockman has written: 'Discovering Lost Railways' 'The railways of Hertfordshire, with a full account of those which were proposed but not built' -- subject(s): History, Railroads 'The railway age in Bedfordshire' -- subject(s): History, Railroads 'British Railways' Steam Locomotives (History in Camera)'

How did the invention of the Bessemer process affect transportation?

By producing more steel, The Bessemer Process allowed more bridges and railways to be built.

What is the cause of decline of railways in Pakistan?

The cause of decline of railways in pakistan is:Government has stopped the developement of railways

Which has the shortest length in the UK motorways or railways?


Which is shorter railways or motorways?

railways r shorter

What is longer the railways or motorway of the united kingdom?


What is the place of Indian railways in world railways?


Was it only men who built railways?

Not only, but mostly. It was really heavy manual labor, and men are usually physically stronger than women.

How did people travel in australia in the 1800s?

Mostly by foot or by horse, where there was water boats might be used. Railways were also built in this time period.

Is railroad one word?

Yes, it has always been one word. The word was coined around the 1750s , when the first railways were being built.

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