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check for a vaccum leak start the engine and spray some starting fluid around the gaskets and fittings on the intake manifold if the engine speeds up there is a leak

2007-02-05 21:42:42
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Q: Who can help me with a 77 Ford F100 with a 302 new carb timing gears chain it idles high then smooths out but when put in gear it shuts off why?
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Chevy Astro van idles rough at stop light?

replace timing chain

What are the problems with 115 hp Mercury outboards?

Starts hard then it rough idles for a short time then smooths out but when you give it gas it miss fires and bucks and does not smooth out.

Why is my Truck back firing and poping but idles smooth?

sounds like the timing is off

1983 camaro 350 Chevy with crossfire injection it idles real hard putts often stalls and just started backfireing can anyone help?

Sounds Like You Are Out Of Time. Most Likely Timing Chain.

Just Changed timing belt in kia spectra but it idles really rough?

Motor mounts are bad

Pontiac sunbird stalls in gear but idles just fine?

Mine did this and I found out it was the timing belt that needed to be changed.

Why does your 1987 Grand Wagoneer idle poorly in drive In park and neutral it idles great?

check your timing & up your idle a little

How do you fix a engine shake when idles?

Check timing. idle could also be set too low (rpms) so vibration is increased.

Your 1999 ford escort idles funny what might be the problem?

Timing belt could be bad and could have jumped a tooth or you need a toon up.

I have a 97 Wrangler with a 2.5 that is hard starting at all temps then starts then idles rough loses power temporarily then smooths out. Have changed a few sensors same thing. Any suggestions?

Rebuild it. If it's a 97, it must have close to 150k miles.

Rough idle runs rough Lincoln town car 1998?

I have 1998 a Lincoln town car with the same problem.. It idles rough when you start, then smooths out once it warms up and you give it gas. From what I am reading its either an oxygen sensor or you have vacume leak in one of your hoses by the manifold.

What would cause a car to jump forward when starting?

I'm not a pro but sometimes the timing can be off, if it idles higher than it should out the gate, that can do it. That's all I got...good luck

What would cause a 1967 camaro 327 engine after warmup to cut off when put into gear?

typically if the motors idles and revs, but dies under any kind of load (put into gear) then you have your timing set wrong. you need to use a timing light and make sure that it is set correctly before and after the timing advance. that would be the place to start.

How do you reset how the car idles and where can i find it and at what rpm is it supposed to idle?

My 1990 idles at about 850 and with the ac on 1100

Idles at 3000 will not go down?

idles at 3000 will not go down 1993 grand prix gtp

When was Cinnamon Idles born?

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Why would a 97 Contour 2.0L idle rough and die when you put it in gear it dies just after you replace a head gasket on it and it idles at 750-850 and the timing is about 28 degrees btdc?

hi sounds like it could be a vacumn leak or double check cam timing. jerry

Can anyone help with a 1998 Ford Triton V8 that idles rough and then stalls when you try to give it gas?

I would say that the timing is off, if it has distributor and not coil packs try to turn the distibutor some.

91 camaro rs idles up really high and then its act like it is about die out when placed in drive it turns off and once it gets moving it likes to turn off?

hm....try checking your ignition timing (or getting a mechanic to do it) with a timing gun. Also try checking the EGR Valve

Ac blows warm air when it idles and cold when running?

a/c blows warm air when idles cold when running

What are the release dates for Matinee Idles - 1922?

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1996 geo tracker idles good feed it gas bogs down no power?

check the timing belt. or on the 1996-1998 the crankshaft bolt comes loose and shears woodruff key in crank shaft.

Why does my 1989 Isuzu Trooper 4 cylinder idles rough when first started and goes dead several times After it gets warm it idles a little better Any ideas?

I am not a pro, but mine broke the locating pin on the cam pully, which altered the cam timing. Luckily the valves do not touch the pistons! The engine was pulled and ready for rebuild when it was found. I rebuilt it anyway.

2000 xterra idles rough in gear but idles smooth in neutral Runs great down the road?

crankshaft sensor going.

2002 ford pick up idles fast when first stated then idles low runs good going down the road but when you stop it idles low and rough?

It could be a dirty air filter or a dirty throttle body.