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Who did Italy fight in world war 2?

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Italy fought with the axis powers during World War 2. And was against the allied powers, which consisted of Britain, France, and America.

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Who did england fight in world war 2?

Germany, Italy, and Japan.

What war did the US and Italy fight in?

World War 1, World War 2 and I think the Korean War too.

Who did the USA fight during World War 2?

The Axis, Germany, Italy and Japan.

Who did the United Stated fight in World War 2?

The Axis (Japan,Germany and Italy)

Who did the US fight on World War 2?

The US fought Germany, Japan, and Italy

Why did Italy fight in ww1 and World War 2?

yes. in world war one, Italy made negotions with both the allied and central powers to see who would make the best offer. in world war 2, Italy under Benito Mussilini was an axis power.

Who did Canada fight in world war 2?

Germany (mainly), Japan, Italy, and whichever other countries they forced to fight for them.

Who did the united statute fight in world war 2?

The axis powers of Germany, Italy, and Japan.

What countries did the US fight in the World War 2?

The Axis Powers were Japan, Italy, and Germany.

Why was the usa in war with Italy in World War 2?

When the US joined the war in 1941, they joined with the Allied Powers. Italy was a part of the Axis powers. They had to fight each other.

How did they fight in World War II?

how did they fight in the world war 2

Who did America fight in World War 2?

Germany, Japan and Italy, the so called Axis powers.

Who did US fight against in the World War 2?

The Axis which consisted primarily of Japan, Germany and Italy.

How did Mussolini influence Italy's decision to enter World War 2?

Mussolini told Italy that they can have all the land they want if they fight in world war 2. he said that they would not lose the war.

Did Latvia fight in World War 2?

Yes, Latvia did fight in World War 2!

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