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Who did the US fight during the American Revolution?


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Great Britain and the Loyalists and Native Americans that were allied with them


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The 13 American colonies defeated Britain in the American Revolution.

What countries fought in the American Revolution?

John Paul Jones was a famous captain in the US Navy during the Revolutionary War. He was famous for the statement, "I have not yet begun to fight."

Yes- it was called the American Revolution. The US went to war with Great Britain.

The Underdog in major fight with King George III.

they helped fight with them and left other sides to be with us

I believe that was attributed to John Paul Jones, a famous American sea captain during the US Revolution.

The War was between Spain and the US.

Fight, and back off. fight and back off, loose a battle, but never lose the war.

During the US Civil War Thomas J. Jackson fought on the southern, Confederate side. During the War of 1812 Andrew Jackson fought for the United States, and in the American Revolution he fought for the Continental (US) side.

The US Americans were the ones who were revolting in the American Revolution.

Because the Americans were horrified by the violence used by the French during the revolution. They were big fans of Louis XVI because this King had sent French troups to the US to fight with the Americans during the American revolution. They couldn't believe that a nation was actually capable of killing their monarchs, women, children and thousands of people, and in a gruesome way.

the other side was out battled. they surrendered to us

The US Army, the oldest of the US Armed Services, was formed in 1775 during the American Revolution

The French National debt was increased because of the help that France gave the US during the American Revolution.

NovaNet answer: Many were encouraged and wanted to fight for a voice in their government.

NO. He was President of the US during this war, but did not fight in it. (He did fight in the Civil War. )

Well, it was the United States--or, rather, the colonies--who were rebelling, so without it, there wouldn't be a Revolution.

He was the head of State in Great Britain during the American Revolution.

The British and us the Americans were involved in the American Revolution.

The industrial revolution. This started the American on the fast track to improvements that we have today.

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