Who established a trade route between Mexico and the Philippines?

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Andres de Urdaneta (1498 - 1658) established the Manila-Acapulco Galleon Route (known as Nao de China in Mexico).
Mexican settlement in the Philippines comprises a multilingual Filipino ethnic group composed of Philippine citizens withMexican ancestry.[3][not in citation given] The immigration of Mexicans to the Philippines dates back to the Spanish period. In the Philippines there are 400 Mexicans currently residing. The Mexican community has been established in those islands many years ago. Migration from Mexico has been important since the Spanish period and when the Philippines was trading with this country during the Viceroyalty of New Spain, Mexican mestizos mixed with the inhabitants of the islands, similar to the amount of Spain and the United States, numbering up many names of Spanish origin.[4] Mexican Filipinos are ethnically diverse. They can be Mexicans of European descent, Indigenous peoples of Mexico, mixed-race, or members of any other group. Mexicans in the Philippines numbered 173 in 2010.[
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What was traded in the triangular trade route?

There were many things traded along the Triangular Trade Route.First of all, Europeans gave America things like onions, olives,turnips, coffee beans, peaches, pears, grains (wheat, rice, barley,oats), livestock (cattle, sheep, pigs, horses), and (mostimportantly) disease . Smallpox, measles, and ot ( Full Answer )

What is a trade route?

a trade route is a path in the 1400s-1600s that were used for trading stuff like silk, jewelry, etc. its either on land or by sea

When was Mexico established?

As an independent, modern country, Mexico was established on September 27, 1821 after successfully winning a war of independence against Spain.

What is the amount of trade between us and Mexico?

There is a trade amount of some US$294 billion, including US$179 billion on exports from Mexico into the United States, and US$115 billion on imports from the United States into Mexico.

Who closed the trade routes between Europe and Asia?

When the Turks invaded and captured Constantinople and gainedcontrol of the Middle East, this resulted in the closure of thetrade routes between Europe and Asia. The Turks were part of theOttoman Empire.

Is there a trade agreement between Mexico and Morocco?

No. Although Morocco is the most important North African trade partner for Mexico, the Moroccan industry and agriculture are still very protected and no trade agreement between both countries has ever been reached.

What are some economic differences between Philippines and Mexico?

Mexico has an export-oriented economy, with foreign trade equivalent to US$464 billion (US$230 billion on exports, US$234 billion on imports) and much of its foreign trade has resulted from the many international trade agreements held with the rest of the the world. Mexico is the eleventh largest ec ( Full Answer )

Analyze the impact of the Atlantic trade routes established in the mid 1600s on economic development in the british north American colonies?

Analyze the impact of the Atlantic trade routes established in themid-1600's on economic development in the British North AmericanColonies. Consider the period 1650-1750. And more money as he wentalong. Triangular trade was a highly profitable system and helpeddevelop the British colonies in North A ( Full Answer )

What are the benefits of trade between Texas and Mexico?

Texas is a state that belongs to an industrialized nation - the United States - that specializes among other things, in exports of capital goods and high-tech equipment such as industrial machinery, motor vehicles and parts, telecommunications equipment and semiconductors. On the other hand, Mexi ( Full Answer )

Did Marco Polo exploration open trade routes or establish territory?

I do not believe that Marco polo's exploration open any trade routes or establish territory. I simply thing that Marco Polo's explorations were so important because he wroted about his travels and the books inspired other people in him time to go and travel.

Where were Muslim trade routes established?

This entirely depends on the era of the trade routes in question. In the early Islamic period, the trade routes were primarily between Arabian cities. When the Muslim empires began to occupy a much larger stretch of the world, these trade routes began to encompass the entire Middle East to India and ( Full Answer )

Who traded what in the triangular trade route?

the triangular trade route starts from Africa, exporting slaves. then it goes to the West Indies, they then give mollases to the American colonies wich give again to Africa rum, iron goods, guns etc.

What goods are traded between Mexico and Iran?

In 2007, top Iranian imports from Mexico included iron and steel products, synthetic fibers, plastics and electrical equipment, representing slightly less than 97% of total imports. Total amount in exports from Mexico to Iran accounted for US$19.2 million during that year. Top 6 Mexican Exp ( Full Answer )

Things in common between Canada and Mexico in regards to trade?

Both trade capital goods between each other. For example, Canada sells electrical machinery that will be used in Mexico to assemble automobiles; Mexico sells machinery to Canada that can be used to manufacture furniture. Also, both countries trade food items that can't be produced in the host cou ( Full Answer )

What items does Mexico trade with The Philippines?

In 2012, top Philippine imports from Mexico included computer equipment representing more than 13% of totalimports. Total amount in exports from Mexico to the Philippinesaccounted for US$67 million during that year. Top 10 Mexican Exports to the Philippines - 2012 (with % ofshare in total) : ( Full Answer )

What was the trade agreement between Mexico Canada and the US called?

North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) . Implementation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) began on January 1, 1994. This agreement will remove most barriers to trade and investment among the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Under the NAFTA, all non-tariff barriers to agric ( Full Answer )

Was it safe to trade in the trading routes?

No. Trade routes through water were dangerous (pirates, storms, etc.) Trade routes through land were also dangerous...usually due to extreme conditions (dessert, etc.)

What are some similarities between Mexico and Philippines?

First, the common traits. Mexico and the Philippines were at some point colonies of Spain, hence Spanish and Roman Catholicism (Mexico: 88%, Philippines: 83%) are common among both countries; the Philippines colony was administered from the New Spain (present-day Mexico), and there was a yearly trad ( Full Answer )

Why do we trade with Mexico?

Because Mexico is not a small, unpopulated, backward country. It is regarded as an Emerging Market, with an ongoing industrialization process. Many items consumed in the United States are manufactured in Mexico, such as plasma TVs, refrigerators or motor vehicles. Also a large part of US oil imports ( Full Answer )

Who urged the portuguese explorers to sail into uncharted waters and establish new trade routes?

The King of Portugal. Because Portugal was cut off from Europe bylarger neighbour Spain, it has always been in the perifery of theEuropean continent, and at the time on the end point of thelucrative trade routes (including spices), so they tried to find amaritime way to the rich countries of Brazil, ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between Philippines and Mexico?

Mexico is located in North America and south of Texas. ThePhilippines is located in Southeast Asia. The Philippines and Mexico does have something in common: SpanishColonization. From 1565 to 1821, the Philippines was part of Mexicowhen Mexico was NEW SPAIN. And New Spain is now modern-day Mexico.

How the trade between America and Mexico started?

First ask the correct question, how trade between Mexico and the United States got started; They both are in North America. It was the United States notion of manifest destiny expanded the U.S. west into Spanish/Mexican lands. Trade never truly existed, as they U.S. as a government was only interest ( Full Answer )

What country established the first trade route with Asia?

It depends on what you mean by "country" and "Asia", and perhaps the scope of "first". If you mean any settled people group not on the Asian continent conducting formal trade with any settled people group on the Asian continent, then I would be looking at the Monitu tribes in the Sinai (Mafka ( Full Answer )

What is the name of the trade agreement between Canada Mexico and the U.S.?

Its name is the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) .It was proposed by Mexico in 1988, signed off by the threecountries on December 17, 1992 and came into force on January 1,1994. Its main objective was to diminish or eliminate trade andinvestment barriers among the three countries.

Did Henry Hudson exploration open trade routes or establish new territories?

No. He was mostly sent out to discover a northerly sea route to theFar East. He failed, for the simple reason that there wasn't one.He got stuck in icefields twice, once trying to sail north ofScandinavia and Siberia, and once trying to sail north of Canada.In his search for a more southern passage ( Full Answer )

Is there free and open trade between Mexico and the US?

Yes. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) guaranteesthat most goods and services between Mexico and the United States(and Canada as well) flow among the three partners without anyadditional burdens, such as import duties or taxes.