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Who founded Plymouth colony?

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William Bradford and a few other settlers settled in Plymouth, Massachusetts, in December of 1620.

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Who founded the colony of Plymouth in new england?

The pilgrims founded Plymouth Colony.

What year was Plymouth colony founded?

Plymouth was founded in 1620.

Was the Plymouth colony or Massachusetts bay colony founded first?

Plymouth colony

What year was Plymouth founded?

Plymouth colony was founded in 1620. The Plymouth car brand was founded in 1928.

What colony was founded by the Pilgrims?

The Plymouth Colony was founded by the pilgrims or separatists.

What religious group founded the Plymouth Colony and the Massachusetts Bay Colony?

The Pilgrims founded Plymouth Colony. The Puritans were the group that settled the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

What happened to Plymouth rock after it was founded?

Plymouth Rock is still located in Plymouth, Mass. It is the colony of Plymouth that was founded and not the rock.

Why was Plymouth founded?

Plymouth Colony was founded for all its goods (corn, wheat, etc..)

What was the colony that the Pilgrims founded?


What does the 1620 on Plymouth rock represent?


Colony founded by separatists?

Plymouth, Massachusetts

When did The Pilgrims founded Plymouth Colony?


What colony was founded by the Pilgrims in Massachusetts?


What colony was founded in 1620 by the pilgrims?


Use colony in a short sentence?

"The colony of Plymouth was founded in 1620".

Colony founded by the pilgrims?

It was the Plymouth Colony that was founded by the Pilgrims. It was established in 1620 and lasted until 1691.

What was the Plymouth Colony?

AnswerThe Plymouth colony was settled by the Pilgrims who wanted to practice religion in their own way so they left England and founded what became Plymouth Colony in 1620

Were English separatist who founded the Plymouth colony?


What was the joint stock company founded by the separatists?

Plymouth Colony was founded by the separatists.

What was the first colony founded in the New World?

Technically Plymouth was the first colony founded, but it did not last. Therefore, the first permanent colony was Jamestown.

What country was the founder of the Plymouth colony from?

The Pilgrim Fathers who founded the Plymouth Plantation were from England.

Where were the founders of the Plymouth colony from?

The 'Pilgrim Fathers' who founded the Plymouth Plantation in America were from England.

Which colony did William Bradford found?

William Bradford was the founder of the Plymouth colony located in Massachusetts. William Bradford founded the Plymouth colony in 1620.

Who founded the second English Colony at Plymoth?

The second Permanent English colony in the plymouth colony was founded by a group of people called Pilgrims or Separatists.

What colony was bartholomew gosnold who founded Massachusetts in?

Plymouth Mass.