Who founded the first colony in north America at 1607?

The first colony in North America was not founded in 1607. The first permanent European colony in the Americas was Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic, founded by the Spanish in 1498. The first permanently settled European colony on continental North America was Veracruz, Mexico, founded in 1519 by the Spanish. St. Augustine, Florida is the oldest permanent European settlement in what is now the continental U.S., settled in 1565, also by the Spanish.

The first British colony in North America was likely St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada, which was a bustling fishing community by 1583, with Harbour Grace, Newfoundland recording its first year-round settlers that same year. Tadoussac, Quebec, Canada was permanently settled by the French in 1599 with Port Royal, Nova Scotia following in 1605.

The London Company (also known as the Virginia Company) founded Jamestown for the British in 1607, making it the first permanent British colony in what is now the U.S.A. but it was not the first European or British colony in North America, with the above colonies all predating it. The Roanoke Colony in North Carolina was settled by the British in 1585 but was unsuccessful as a result of the disappearance of its colonists, which is why the Roanoke Colony is often referred to as the "lost colony".

The first attempt at a permanent colony in North America, however, was the Norse settlement at L'Anse aux Meadows, Newfoundland, Canada in 1003 - though this colony was later abandoned until English and French colonists arrived in Newfoundland in the 1500/1600s.