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Who invented the integrated circuit and what company did he work for?


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Jack Kilby of Texas Instruments and Robert Noyceof Fairchild Semiconductor working independently of each other invented the first integrated circuit.


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An integrated circuit works by simply using electronic switches to store a single byte. These are used in common small appliances.

A resistor implements electrical resistance as a circuit element. It works in an integrated circuit by reducing current flow, and to lower voltage levels within circuits.

The first integrated circuit was invented in 1958 by newly hired Texas Instruments employee Jack Kilby. In 2009, Kilby's work was named an IEEE Milestone.

The same way they work outside an IC. An integrated circuit is just a means of miniaturization, it does not change circuit operation.

The TBA820 is a 2 watt general purpose amplifier integrated circuit, not a resistor.

to understand how integrated circuits work, you must you must know very well about the term "integrated" and the term"circuit". and what the two simply means is circuits joined together. and this compatibility is made possible by semiconductors and with an enhanced technical skill.

The circuit works to put everything together. It can help to integrate all of the system so that you can have all of the things work together.

The load that is connected in a circuit is what does the work in the circuit.

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A circuit works based on a closed circuit(a complete circuit)and electricity supply.If without anyone of them,a circuit is not able to work.

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Electricity travels in a closed circuit when it does work.

A seríes circuit will not work when a component burns out, because then no current can pass around the circuit.

Rusty metal doesn't work in a circuit because it is not a conductor.

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An open circuit does not work. You need to have a complete circuit for the electrical current to flow back to its source. For example: An open circuit occurs when a series fuse blows or a connector is unplugged.

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A series circuit will work if there is a closed path through which the current can pass, and a voltage source. Otherwise it won't.

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