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Who is Dorthea Lange?

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Dorthea Lange is a photograph artist. Get to know more about dorthea Lange when you get the getting to know worlds greatest artists book!! FYI im doing my artist book report on dorthea Lange

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What is the art of the depression?

The most associated art with the great depression are the photographs of Dorthea Lange. She and many other artists found work through the WPA projects offered by the government.

When did Dorthea Hassager die?

Dorthea Hassager died in 1897.

When was Dorthea Hassager born?

Dorthea Hassager was born in 1814.

When did Dorthea Dahl die?

Dorthea Dahl died in 1958.

When was Dorthea Dahl born?

Dorthea Dahl was born in 1881.

Did Dorthea Dix have any children?

no dorthea dix never had children because she got married

What has the author Dorthea Em Austin written?

Dorthea Em Austin has written: 'Call Me Sentimental' 'From the darkness to the light'

What has the author Dorthea Sullivan written?

Dorthea Sullivan has written: 'The practice of group work' -- subject(s): Social group work, Social service

What does last name lange mean?

Meaning of LangeLange Meaning: a tall, big or lanky man.

Why was dorothea lange important?

Dorothea Lange was a photographer.

Did Dorothea Lange have handicaps?

Yes, Dorothea Lange did have handicaps. When she was seven, Lange contracted polio. Polio left Lange with a weakened right leg and a permanent limp.

What is the area of Plaines-Saint-Lange?

The area of Plaines-Saint-Lange is 10.73 square kilometers.

Who did Patrick Henry marry?

Sarah Skelton, then Dorthea Stoptswood.

When was Chris Lange born?

Chris Lange was born in 1982.

When did Ludwig Lange die?

Ludwig Lange died in 1936.

When was Ludwig Lange born?

Ludwig Lange was born in 1863.

When was Fritz Lange born?

Fritz Lange was born in 1898.

When did Fritz Lange die?

Fritz Lange died in 1981.

What is Lange Linschoten's population?

Lange Linschoten's population is 620.

When was Lloyd Lange born?

Lloyd Lange was born in 1937.

When was Halvard Lange born?

Halvard Lange was born in 1902.

When did Halvard Lange die?

Halvard Lange died in 1970.

When did Friedrich Lange die?

Friedrich Lange died in 1875.

When was Friedrich Lange born?

Friedrich Lange was born in 1834.

When was Norah Lange born?

Norah Lange was born in 1905.

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