Who is Licerio Geronimo?

I have this research last year about the Tiradores dela muerte, and it happens that during our research we meet G. Ocampo in Montalban Rizal. G. Ocampo is the grandson of Gen. Licerio Geronimo. He gave us some materials biography ang a rare photo of his lolo cerio. Maybe I can help you about your question. If you want a detailed answear to your question maybe i can lend you some of the materials. (but Im not so sure if he---G. Ocampo--- wants his lolo cerios photo to be publish in the internet) What I can give you now is that He is one of the best General of the Revolution with Spain and America.(He killed Gen. Lawton in Battle of San Mateo---Battle of Paye---)It is said that all information about him and about his exploit after the war was curtailed by the Americans to hide the shame of Gen. Lawtons Death. That is why up to this day he is still considered as "unsung heroes of the revolution". They can hide all about him, but they cannot hide the place where one of their great and brave general died in battle. ("the battle of san mateo")