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Who is Shah Jahan?

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Shahab-ud-din Muhammad Shah Jahan (1628-1658) was the fifth Mughal Emperor of India. He was the grandson of Akbar the Great. Shah Jahan was born to Emperor Jahangir and his Hindu wife Jodh Bai, on 5 January 1592 at Lahore. He is famous as the builder of the world famous Taj Mahal. Red Fort at Delhi, Peacock Throne at Red Fort, Jama Masjid at Delhi, Pearl Mosque at Agra are some of the architectural works of the emperor. Dara Shukoh was his favorite son. But in the 30th year of his reign, Shah Jahan was deposed and imprisoned by his third son Aurangzeb. Shah Jahan died on 22 January 1666 at Agra and was buried beside his wife at the Taj Mahal.

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When did Jahan Shah die?

Jahan Shah died in 1467.

When was Jahan Shah I born?

Jahan Shah I was born in 1673.

When did Jahan Shah I die?

Jahan Shah I died in 1712.

Is Noor Jahan family member of shah jahan?

yes. Noor jahan was the step mother of Shah Jahan.

When was Shah Jahan born?

Shah Jahan was born on January 5, 1592.

Who were the parents of Shah Jahan?

The parents of Shah Jahan were Jahangir and Jagat Gosain.

When was Shah Jahan Mosque created?

Shah Jahan Mosque was created in 1889.

When did Jahan Shah IV die?

Jahan Shah IV died in 1790.

When was Jahan Shah IV born?

Jahan Shah IV was born in 1749.

When did Shah Jahan III die?

Shah Jahan III died in 1772.

Malika noor jahan wife of shah jahan?

Nur Jahan was the wife of Shah Jahan's father Jahangir. She was Shah Jahan's step mother.

Jahanara Begum Relations with shah jahan?

Jahanara was the elder daughter of Shah Jahan.

What does the name Shah Jahan mean?

The name Shah Jahan means "King of the world".

What deadly sickness did shah jahan die of?

shah jahan died of old age.

How do you think Shah Jahan felf about his wife?

The feeling of Shah Jahan about his wife was that of shock.

What is the relationship between Akbar and Shah Jahan?

Shah Jahan was the grandson of Akbar.

Who succeeded Shah Jahan and when?

His third son Aurangzeb succeeded Shah Jahan in 1658, while he was still alive. Shah Jahan was confined until his death in 1666.

When did Shah Jahan die?

Shah Jahan died on January 22, 1666 at the age of 74.

How did Shah Jahan die?

Shah Jahan died because of old age and of a deadly sickness.

What is the full name of Shah Jahan?

Shahab-ud-din Muhammad Khurram Shah Jahan

What is the real name of Shah Jahan?

The real name of Shah Jahan is Shahabuddin Muhammad Khurram

Which city was built by Shah Jahan as his capital?

Shah Jahan built Old Delhi as his capital.

When did shah jahan become the king?

Shah Jahan was the Moghul Emperor during 1627 - 1658

What is Shah Jahan Rural District's population?

Shah Jahan Rural District's population is 8,488.

What was the childhood name of Shah Jahan?

Prince Khurram was the childhood name of Shah Jahan. Shah Jahan was the title given to Khurram by his father Jahangir, after his Deccan victory in 1617.