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Who is Tamilnadu president?

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Tamil nadu is a state in India. India's present President is Pratibha Patil.

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How many city in tamilnadu?

51city of tamilnadu

MBA colleges in Tamilnadu?

190 MBA College in TamilNadu Site:

Chairman human rights commission-tamilnadu?

who present chairman of human right commission in tamilnadu

How many districts are in Tamilnadu?

There are 32 districts in Tamilnadu.

Who is the finance minister of Tamilnadu?

K.Anbhazhagan is the finance minister of tamilnadu

What is the state flower of tamilnadu?

The state flower of tamilnadu is SENGANDHAZH!

How many rivers in tamilnadu?

Please answer this ! ! !.How many Rivers are in TamilNadu ?

Why not vijay a superstar in tamilnadu?

yes.vijay is the next superstar of tamilnadu

What are the top 5 universities in Tamilnadu?

= What are the top 5 universities in Tamilnadu? =

Tamilnadu CM email address?

Mail adderess for tamilnadu CM

Who is the home minister of tamilnadu at present?

Home mister of Tamilnadu J.Jeyalalitha

Tamilnadu bsnl TTA result?

when ll come tta resulti tamilnadu?

When was Tamilnadu College of Engineering created?

Tamilnadu College of Engineering was created in 1984.

When was Tamilnadu polytechnic college created?

Tamilnadu polytechnic college was created in 1947.

When was Tamilnadu Theological Seminary created?

Tamilnadu Theological Seminary was created in 1969.

Which caste majority in the tamilnadu?

1)Thevars called majority in the tamilnadu(three subcaste kallar,maravar,agamudyar) 2)vanniyar second majority in tamilnadu

Which is the coldest place in tamilnadu?

The coldest place in Tamilnadu or anywhere is an AC room..:P

What is the rank of SRM engineering college in Tamilnadu?

It is one of Best Private Collages in Tamilnadu.

Which caste is the majority in tamilnadu?

1)Thevar caste is majority in tamilnadu(including subcaste kallar ,maravar,agamudayar) 2) vanniyar caste is second majority in tamilnadu )

What is the motto of Tamilnadu polytechnic college?

Tamilnadu polytechnic college's motto is 'Through Labour to Glory'.

What is the CST rate in tamilnadu without c form?

what is the cst rates in tamilnadu with out c form

When was Tamilnadu Petroproducts Limited created?

Tamilnadu Petroproducts Limited was created on 1984-06-22.

When was Tamilnadu Horticulture University created?

Tamilnadu Horticulture University was created on 2011-02-28.

What is the motto of Tamilnadu Theological Seminary?

The motto of Tamilnadu Theological Seminary is 'Via, Veritas, Vita'.

Who is the worst chief minister in tamilnadu history?

J Jayalalitha is worst chief minister in tamilnadu