Who is Thomas Paine?

You should read the whole page at thomas Paine . It starts with "Thomas Paine was one of the great fiery voices of the American Revolution."

Thomas Paine was a British immigrant to the Colonies in the year 1774. He was 37 years old, a widower and legally separated from his second wife. He was a failed corset maker, privateer, tax collector, teacher, political activist, writer and merchant. On the voyage typhus swept throughout the ship infecting many of the people on board including himself. When he recovered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in mid- January of 1775 he found work at The Pennsylvania Magazine where he was quickly promoted to editor of the magazine. On January 10, 1776 he published the infamous pamphlet Common Sense under the pseudonym "an Englishman" selling between 150,000 and 250,000 copies a staggering number for those days. When we Declared Independence he joined the Pennsylvania militia and soon became aide-de-camp to General Nathanael Greene. After the Continental Army's retreat from New York City and many of the Soldiers enlistments soon ending he was convinced by others that he was a better writer than a soldier and he wrote another Pamphlet called "The American Crisis". George Washington was so impressed by the work he had it read to his men to increase the morale of the Continental Army.

he also made Common Sense In 1776 and him and his fellers went and made the Olive Branch thing
Thomas Paine wrote the "Crisis" which was used to raise the morale of the Patriots. He also wrote Common Sense.