Who is at fault if you and your boyfriend had a fight and you slapped him and he retaliated and hurt you and he said it was your fault because you started it?

It's both your faults. You have no right to hit anyone! The only reason a woman should slap, kick or scratch a man is if he is attacking you and you are defending yourself. If you are angry then get out of there and cool off (and so should he.) You probably shocked him and he reacted without thinking. Women can abuse men just as much as men can abuse women, but we seldom never hear that side of the story. I can't think of one person that would be slapped without retaliating, but this gives him no right to hit you back. He should have walked away. I suggest you both sit down and start communicating regarding your relationship as it's obvious you have big problems in this area. You are both going to have to try to resolve them if you love each other and if you can't grow up and settle your differences then you should both stay away from relationships until you can get it together. Here's hoping you resolve your problems and kiss and make up. Marcy