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Guglielmo Marconi in 1886 was the first person to invent the radio in Italy.

Tesla is now credited with inventing modern radio as well; since the Supreme Court overturned Guglielmo Marconi's patent in 1943 in favor of Nikola Tesla's earlier patents.

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Where was the first radio invented?

The first person could be Thomas Elva Edison who invented radio.

The first president to speak on the radio?

The first person to have a recording on the radio was Warren Harding. The first president to actually speak live on the radio was Calvin Coolidge.

Who was the first person to invent the radio?


Who was the first person invented the radio?

David Edward Hughes

Where can one download a Radio Time app for iPhone?

There are different apps available that allows a person to listen to the radio through an iPhone. Some apps include TuneIn Radio and Pandora radio for the iPhone or iPod.

Which came first Recordings Radio Movies with sound or Minstrel shows?

The minstrel shows can first. These were available kind of like plays before the invention of the radio came about.

What type of programs are available to listen to on a portable am radio?

It depends on the area in which you live as to what radio stations are available on an AM radio. You can find radio stations available in your area here:

Who was the first person to sing the song Radio Radio?

The person to sing the song Radio Radio was J Philip Wankins. J Philip was known for his great creations in the science of lightblub technology. He was a great musician who understood science.

Who was the first person to send messages using radio waves?

Guglielmo Marconi invented the radio telegraph system

What was the first car with a radio?

In 1929, American Paul Galvin, the head of Galvin Manufacturing Corporation, invented the first car radio. The first car radios were not available from carmakers. Consumers had to purchase the radios separately. What car the first radio sold was installed in, no one knows.

Is radio considered matter?

Radio waves are not.

Was Fessenden the first person to transmit a human voice on a radio wave?

Yes. He was the first person to make ANY kind of audio transmission.

Who was the first person to make a radio?

Tesla, I think. but Marconi got the credit for it.

Who was the first person to produce and detect radio waves?

Dr. Heinrich Hertz

Who was the first person to transmit a radio signal across the Atlantic?

Guglielmo Marconi

Who is the first person who got kicked out of the radio Disney's NBT?

Ladina Spence

Are there any portable tv radio combos available?

Yes, there are portable TV Radio Combos available.

Where to get the radio Pokemon Silver?

You can win the radio in the Goldenrod City radio tower by answering 5 questions to the lady at the front desk on the first floor (the third person over).

When was the first microcomputer made available to the public?

Tandy Corporation quickly followed MIT by offering Radio Shack's first microcomputer in 1976.

Where do you get the radio in crystal?

There's a person in green on the first floor of the Goldenrod radio tower, they will give you a 5 question true/false quiz. The prize of the quiz is the radio card for your pokegear.

Which question can be used for the answer hertz?

What is the standard unit for measurement of frequency? or Who is the first person considered to produce and detect VHF and UHF radio waves and thus proving the existence of electromagnetic waves? In which the answer would be Heinrich Hertz.

What year was the first radio telescope invented?

Dr. Karl G. Jansky was an American physicist and radio engineer, considered one of the founding figures of radio astronomy. In August 1931, while scanning for sources of radio static such as thunderstorms, he first discovered radio waves emanating from the Milky Way. From then on, radio antennas and receiver configurations were built for the intent and purpose of collecting energy from space at radio wavelengths.

How much did the first radio cost?

how much did the first radio cost how much did the first radio cost

When did radio become available to home use?

Radio stations began broadcasting during the 1920s. August 31st, 1920 was the first news broadcast. Few people had radio sets, but crystal radios were popular from the start.

Get poke flute in SoulSilver?

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