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This is an opinion question and there may be several distinct views

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I think it would be okay if my man were to look at another woman. It's only natural and he IS a man. I would want to look at a good looking man passing by too. A lot of women are different though.S ome are possessive and controlling or maybe just jealous. Let her know she's the only one (which should be the case since you two are married). If she doesn't understand that then apparently she has a problem.

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No right or wrong. She's sad. He's exasperated. It's just a bad situation. I do think there's something very beautiful about a couple who really, wholeheartedly and effortlessly see only one another in that way. But that's got to be pretty rare...

Answer 3

For me, it depends on what "looking" means. If you are referring to something innocuous like sitting in a cafe and noticing the women that pass you by, I see no issue with this. If it refers to cycling through dating sites or sex hotlines with images or short clips of beautiful girls, then I would agree with your wife.

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What is the definition of speech to convince?

I guess you were maybe looking for the verb TO ARGUE?

What did John Locke argue?

people have natural rights; life, liberty, and property.

What starting with q means argue violently?

The word you're looking for is... quarrel.

What do you get if you were caught speeding?

You stay in the car, be polite, don't argue with the officer, show respect, and produce your license and registration.

John Locke did NOT argue that natural rights included the right to?

criminals do no not deserve to have rights

Can one argue about beauty?

beauty is seen depending on the color of the glass your are looking through

Natural selection tends to act at which level?

Natural selection tends to act on the population, although some might argue that it acts on the individuals.

Declaration of Independence could this document be used to argue for quitting?

The Declaration of Independence document can be used to argue for quitting. The Declaration of Independence document is used only for Theory and Natural rights.

What are the synonyms of the word argue?

Some synonyms of the word argue are dispute, feud, debate, altercate, bicker, disagree, quarrel, quibble, and battle. The definition of argue is verbally fight. If you would like to find more synonyms of the word argue not listed above, you could try looking the word up on a thesaurus.

What three natural rights did Locke argue that all people possess?

To be born free, equal and independent.

What word means almost the same as dispute?

To fight or argue....try looking it up on to reasure yourself.

How does Bilbo escape the trolls?

He managed to escape while the dwarves where being caught. Gandalf rescued them by throwing his voice and having them argue with each other.

Why did Thomas Jefferson argue that the natural rights of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness were self evident truths?

cause he was fat!

Did john Locke and Thomas Hobbes argue that people have a set of natural rights and give some up to society?


What can gay couples do to not arguee?

Why does it matter that the couple is gay? Couples argue in general. Why do people disagree? Why do people like different things? To argue is natural and couples need to work things out and discuss things, regardless of gay or not.

A company lies about why they will not hire you but lie as to why?

They don't want you to argue the fact on what they assume or know.simply you are not what they are looking for so it does not matter what they say.

Who is the best looking person in Panic at the Disco?

Many would argue Brendon Urie is, although everyone's taste is different.

Why didnt he argue with me but argue with my friend?

Argue about what. Be more specific.

Do straight men have gay fantasies?

every male has been "curious" at one point despite how strong they argue against it. some have even experimented with other guys, but this usuall occurs in the preteen age

What is the biggest satellite in the solar system of?

Ganymede, a moon of Jupiter, is the largest natural satellite in our solar system. But you could argue that Jupiter is the largest as it is a satellite of our sun. You could also argue that our own sun is a satellite of the galactic centre.

What is the Hebrew word for argue?

to argue = hitvake'akh (??????)

What is the base word of argue?

That's it ..... argue. Argue is a verb other forms are: argue argues argued arguing

What did John Locke argue about people's rights?

John Locke argued that people have natural rights. These rights are life, liberty, and property.

What did the English philosopher John Locke argue that life liberty and property are?

Locke argued that these things, among others, were the "Natural Rights"

How would functionalists and conflict theorists differ in their analysis of socialization by the mass media?

A functionalists would argue that everything in society has a function that in the end makes up society as a whole. They would argue that conflict has a function in society. A conflict theorists would argue that conflict is not a function of society but an actual natural trait of society.