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Who is right if your wife caught you looking at other women and she said it was wrong but you argue that it is natural to be curious when you have been with the same woman for so long?



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Answer 1

I think it would be okay if my man were to look at another woman. It's only natural and he IS a man. I would want to look at a good looking man passing by too. A lot of women are different though.S ome are possessive and controlling or maybe just jealous. Let her know she's the only one (which should be the case since you two are married). If she doesn't understand that then apparently she has a problem.

Answer 2

No right or wrong. She's sad. He's exasperated. It's just a bad situation. I do think there's something very beautiful about a couple who really, wholeheartedly and effortlessly see only one another in that way. But that's got to be pretty rare...

Answer 3

For me, it depends on what "looking" means. If you are referring to something innocuous like sitting in a cafe and noticing the women that pass you by, I see no issue with this. If it refers to cycling through dating sites or sex hotlines with images or short clips of beautiful girls, then I would agree with your wife.