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Q: Who is the British ambassador to Pakistan?
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Related questions

Who is the Ambassador to the US for Pakistan?

Jalil Abbas Jilani is the Ambassador to the US for Pakistan.

Who is the US envoy to Pakistan and Afghanistan?

Richard Olson is ambassador to Pakistan and James Cunningham is ambassador to Afghanistan

What is the name of nigeria ambassador to Pakistan?

Ambassador Mahmud Ahmad

Who is the British ambassador to Ireland?

The current British ambassador to Ireland is David Reddaway.

Who is the ambassador of us in pakistan?

husain haqqani

Who is the current ambassador of Pakistan to India?

Mr. Shahid Maik is the current ambassador of Pakistan in India, the post which is technically called the Pakistan's High Commissioner to IndiaBy: (Zulfiqar Ali Shaikh)

The name of libyan ambassador in Pakistan?

jamil ahmed khan.

Who is present ambassador of Pakistan in Afghanistan?

Sher Afgan Niazi

Is Pakistan a member of the British commonwealth?

Yes Pakistan is a member of the British Commonwealth

Who is the present ambassador of India in Pakistan?

The current High Commissioner of India in Pakistan is H. E. Dr. T. C. A. Raghavan.

How do you address a letter to British Ambassador?

To Mr. or Madam Ambassador. The term Ambassadress has fallen into disuse.

Who is Abdul BASIT?

Abdul BASIT is the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to Kenya.

What is the difference between ambassador and high commissioner?

The countries who had been forcibly colonized under British empire are members of common wealth. Such countries are 53 in number. The highest rank official of these 53 countries representing in other common wealth countries are called high commissioner. ie Pakistan and UK are members of common wealth so Pakistan has a high commissioner at UK but USA has not common wealth membership so Pakistan has ambassador to USA. Countries under British empire were not given independence rather they got independence through political and freedom fighting movements. British people entered such countries for trade but it was an illusion and their real purpose was to capture the resources. we still believe UK as a civilized country but British people should keep in mind the history.

What key relationships does the British Council have with Pakistan?

The British Council and Pakistan have a close relationship as there are many workers of the British Council that are stationed in Pakistan. These countries have a trade economy between them as well.

Who was the British Ambassador to the US during the Civil War?

The U.S. ambassador to Britain during the Civil War was Charles Francis Adams. His counterpart, the British Minister (Ambassador) to the U.S. was Richard Bickerton Pemell Lyons, the First Viscount Lyons.

Did Muslims move to Pakistan after independence in British?

Most Muslims in British India moved to Pakistan after independence was granted. Pakistan then included modern day Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Who is British ambassador in Malaysia?

(His Excellency) Simon Featherstone

What countries were created when the British left India?

India and Pakistan were created when British left India. Pakistan further divided into two (Pakistan and Bangladesh) in 1971.

How much does a British ambassador earn?

A British Ambassador is said to earn between 80,000 and 180,000 GBP per year. This is equivalent to an annual salary of between 130,926 and 294,584 US dollars.

Who is Pakistani ambassador to UK 2014?

As Pakistan is part of the Commonwealth, it has a High Commissioner in the United Kingdom instead of an Ambassador. Wajid Shamsul Hasan is the current High Commissioner in January 2014.

How do you address the British ambassador?

When speaking to that person, you address him/ her as Mr.or Madame Ambassador. You may address them differently when invited or instructed to do so.

How was Pakistan affected by the British empire?

At the time of the British Empire, Pakistan didn't exist. It was part of the Indian Empire which was part of the British Empire. When independence came in 1947, the country was split into India (mostly Hindus), Pakistan (mostly Muslims), and East Pakistan (mostly Muslims and now called Bangladesh).

Who colonized Pakistan?

The British

Is Pakistan a territory?

No, Pakistan is an independent country. It used to be a British territory, however.

Why did british officials partition India into India and Pakistan?

The British partitioned India and Pakistan because of the religious differences. Many of the people in India were either Hindu, Buddhist, or Christian. In Pakistan, most were Muslim.