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Who is the first female to accept Islam?

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The first female to accept Islam per Quran revelation is Khadija (first prophet wife).

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That person who accept the first Islam?

Ali ibn Abi Talib was the first person to accept Islam

Why was khadija important to Islam?

she was the first woman to accept islam.

Who accept Islam first after the Muhammed?

The first to accept Islam after Muhammad peace be upon him was his first and only wife at the time, Khadijah, peace be upon her.

Who was the first woman to accept the religion of Islam?

Khadijah (Allah be pleased with her), wife of prophet Muhammad (PBUH), was the first person and first woman to accept Islam.

Who was the first slave to accept Islam?

Zayd bin Harithah R was the first slave to accept Islam. See the Related Link for more information.

Who was the first male to accept Islam?

The first male child to accept Islam was Ali ibn ali Talib, the cousin of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The first adult male to accept Islam was Abu Bakr as Siddiq who was the best friend of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Who was the first ansari to accept Islam?

Habib ibn Zayd al-Ansari's father, Zayd ibn Asim, was one of the first in Yathrib to accept Islam and his mother, Nusaybah bint Kab(Umm Ammarah) was the first woman to fight in defence of Islam.

Was Khadijah-ul-Kubra the first person to accept Islam?

Yes, She was the first to accept Islam per Quran God revelation to prophet Muhammad through the angel Gabriel. However, the first to accept Islam in its universal sense as the full submission to God was Adam (Peace be upon him). refer to question below.

Who was the first boy to enter Islam?

Ali ibn Abu Talib, the cousin of Muhammad, was the first child to accept and enter the fold of Islam.

Who was the first child in Islam?

The first child to accept Islam was Hazrat Ali (R.A) as he was in those days under the care of Holy Prophet PBUH.

Who was the first person to accept Islam?

Islam's first person to accept Islam wasn't Prophet Muhammed because Islam was made for him and Allah (god) also in the times of the holy prophet he dicribed chritianty as one of the religon of god. 1st person was Adam cause he was a Muslim to.

Who are the sponsors of Islam anywhere in the world?

No one sponsors Islam. It is a religion. Any human may accept or not accept Islam. There is no compulsion.

When did nasa accept the first female candidates for astronauts?

Nasa accepted its first female candidate on June 16th, 1963.

Is female prophet in Islam?

There are no female prophets in Islam. They were all male.

Did Brian Lara accept Islam?

Yes he has accepted Islam

Accept Islam please?

Whether or not someone accepts Islam will depend greatly on what kind of experience they've had with practitioners of Islam. If they've had a positive experience, they are more likely to accept Islam.

Who is possible dhoni accept the Islam?

Perhaps he accept it. But he is a hindu.

What is importance of Islam in the city of Haikal?

the first person who accept islam was hazrat Abu bakar razi Allaho anho. for detail dile 03367080191

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