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Who led the Mormons west along the Oregon trail?


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Nobody. The Mormon Pioneers traveled on the Mormon Trail, not the Oregon Trail. In many places these trails closely followed each other, but they were not the same trail.


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A well established trail that they used on their journey west.

Mostly unneeded food was thrown out along the Oregon trail, once the settlers moving west realized they had over packed...

people used the Oregon trail to go west like California to get some gold or land they also used the Oregon trail for a better fortune and easy travel to the west

they are connected because i remember that the american west were looking for gold and so was the oregon trail

Over 500,000 people traveled on the Oregon Trail.

The Oregon Trail and The Mormon Trail .

the Mormons used the trail because it was the best way to get to the west away from everyone who were convecting them

There was the Bozeman Trail, the Oregon Trail, the Mormon Trail and the California Trail that were all used for emigration west.

Yes, Mormons traveled west over the mountains. Many died when trapped at Donner's pass

For protection from natives that wanted to attack as well as an attempt to establish control of the West (like a symbolic sort of thing) Also for stops along the trail for trade and such, as well as communication between West-East.

The California Trail, Gila Trail, Mormon Trail and The Old Spanish Trail....

The Oregon Trail is a 2,170-mile (3,490 km)historic east-west, large-wheeled wagon route and emigrant trail that connected the Missouri River to valleys in Oregon.

The Mormons traveled in covered wagons or with handcarts on the Mormon trail to the salt lake valley in Utah.

It was the way west for thousands of pioneers.

Oregon Trail & Santa Fe Trail

The Mormon Trail was the route, but it did travel on the Oregon trial too. :)

Lewis and Clark trail, Oregon trail, California trail

The Oregon trail helped many settlers cross to the west to make a better life. About 200,000- 400,000 people crossed this trail by wagon.

One thing the Transcontinental Railroad did for the west was eliminating the Oregon Trail. Essentially, you could move to the West (California predominantly) without the hardships, many times death, that came with traveling the Oregon Trail.

They wanted to go to get gold.

It was the route west for people going west in wagon trains.

The Oregon Trail was part of the idea of Manifest Destiny because of the fact that Manifest Destiny was the idea that America should expand into the Western Territory. The Oregon Trail is people who are traveling from the East to the West, so it demonstrates Manifest Destiny very strongly because of the fact that people on the Oregon Trail were spreading out to the West, which was the idea of Manifest Destiny.

Oregon trail, mormon Trail, Old spanish trail, and for more it is Santa fe trail, California trail i hope you take at least three of them this is your choice like you can choose Oregon trail, Santa fe trail, California trail your choice!

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