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Who makes jeep?

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the modern Jeep is made by Chrysler, the originals were designed and introduced by the Overland Co.

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Who makes a jeep engine?


Who makes Jeep Laredo?

Jeep is owned by and is part of Chrysler. So technically Chrysler makes Jeeps.

Who makes the 3.1 jeep engine?

There is no 3.1 engine in any Jeep

Who makes the Jeep Cherokee?

The Jeep Cherokee is made by Fiat Chrysler

Who makes the Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Jeep, or if you wanna get more specific, Chrysler. Chrysler owns Jeep.

Who makes Jeep cars?


Who makes the Jeep Wrangler?


Who makes the 4.7 engine for jeep?


What car company makes Jeep?


Who makes jeep compass and where are they built?

Jeep Compasses are made by Chrysler at their Toledo Ohio plant

Are Jeep strollers made by the same company that makes Jeep vehicles?

Jeep strollers are made by the same company that makes vehicles. The strollers are high in quality, super stylish and can withstand all weather conditions.

Who makes the transmission in your 1986 jeep commanche?


What country of origin makes wrangler jeep?

Jeep is made by Dodge Chrysler, it is one of the Chrysler family of vehicles.

Who makes the 2.5 diesel jeep engine?

VM Motori

Who makes Jeep Grand Cherokee?

It's a Chrysler product

Who makes the Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo?

Chrysler llc

How much money does a Jeep Cherokee pays?

Your question makes no sense.

What makes your jeep stop when you back up?

Brakes or lack of propulsion.

What country makes Jeep?

Jeep is part of Chrysler LLC (USA), which is part owned by Fiat (Italy). There are manufacturing plants around the world.

What makes the the jeep cut off while driving in your 2001 Jeep Cherokee Laredo?

Lack of fuel, lack of air, ignition problems.

Which co makes jeeps?

Jeep is part of FCA, Fiat Chrysler America.

Who makes custom Jeep soft tops?

You can try Bestop, they have many options.

Who makes genuine jeep motor oil?

It is currently being made by Pennzoil.

What are some makes of 4x4 cars?

There is many types of makes. For example Land rover, Jeep, Toyota those type of dealers

How do you replace front suspension struts on a Jeep Cherokee?

My 2000 Jeep Cherokee makes a clunking noise from the front. I just had 2 bad ball joints replaced but it still makes the noise. I asked about boots but was told I do not have boots on mine. I asked about the swaybar link. They asked me if my jeep makes the noise driving over bumps and it doesn't. I am at a lose. They are going to look at it and see if they can figure it out. Can you help me with this.

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