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Who makes the federal law in the US?

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Federal Laws are passed by the legislative branch or congress which is made up of the house of representatives and the senate.

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What is US law vs Federal law?

They are referring to the same thing. The Federal Government makes the US Law.

Who makes the federal law?

(in the US) the US Congress.

Who makes up federal law IN THE US?


Who makes federal law?

the congress

What are federal laws?

a law that is federal and not from the state.Added: A law passed by action of the US Congress and signed into law by the President.

What happens in a Federal system like that of the US if a state law conflicts a national law?

Federal takes the lead as the law.

What law is supreme state or federal?

The US constitution is the supreme law of the land. Following that, Federal law is supreme (or controlling).

If state law conflicts with federal law which law is supreme?

The US Constitution states that Federal law is always supreme to the laws of the states.

How do you get federal court?

If you break a federal law (a law that is set by US Statutes and NOT by state statute) your case will be heard in Federal Court.

What makes the act and treaties of the US paramount to those of the states?

Under the Supremacy Clause, everyone must follow federal law in the face of conflicting state law!

If California law says yes can Federal law say no?

While not a US citizen, It is my understanding that where federal law has jurisdiction, it is supreme, state law would need to change to meet the federal requirements. Yes, the Federal Law trumps the state law.

Who enforce the law of federal?

the us constitution

Is the US federal law superior to the state law?

Yes, the federal law applies across all states. Further state and federal laws can not violate the constitution and it is the US supreme court that decides if they do and if so will strike them down.

What year did the us federal minimum wage became a federal law?


What branch makes the nations laws?

The legislative branch of the US Government make federal law. The legislative branch is the US Congress composed of the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Which federal law protects software copyrights?

In the US, copyright law is Title 17 of the US Code.

Where does the money come from that the president spends in order to enforce the law?

Federal law enforcement officers and federal judges are paid by the federal government out of the US treasury.

How Federal law state law and local law interact?

Read the US Constitution . . Powers not specifically granted to the Federal Government are reserved to the States. (paraphrased)

Is violation of any US Federal law a felony?

No, there are misdemeanor federal criminal offenses, and also LOTS of civil law statutes.

According to the Supremacy Clause what is the correct order of the ladder of laws in the US from top to bottom?

The order of the ladder of laws in the US according to the supremacy clause is: The Federal Constitution, Federal Law, Federal Treaty, State Constitution, State law, and Local Law.

Who makes up the federal cabinet?

us presidents make up the federal cabinet

When state law directly conflicts with a federal law it is rendered invalid under?

The Supremacy Clause. Someone else said: Preemption Clause of the Constitution makes the federal law trump state law but it does not necessarily render the state law invalid unless following state law would violate the federal law.

What is the name of the legislature in germany?

The Bundestag (Federal Diet) is the directly elected parliamentary assembly which makes federal laws.There is also the Bundesrat (Federal Council) which represents the country's sixteen Länder (federal states) and also participates in law-making at the federal level.These two bodies are (very broadly) analogous to, respectively, the US House of Representatives and the US Senate.

What is the difference between a law and a regulation?

A federal law is passed by Congress and signed into law by the president and the regulation "carry out the intent" of the laws Congress makes, issued by the federal government departments and agencies.

How does every US Federal law start?

A proposed law starts as a bill. It becomes law if it is passed and signed into law.

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