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Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President of the United States

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What horse breed is named after a man?

The Morgan was named for a horse called Justin Morgan - who was named after the man who owned him - Justin Morgan.

Who owned a horse named Silver?

The Lone Ranger's horse was named Silver and with good reason. He was all white.

Does miley have a horse?

Miley owned a horse named RoamMan which died several years ago.

The Snickers bar was named after what kind of animal?

a catNo, it was named after a horse the Mars family owned.

What are some interesting facts about candy?

-the snickers candy bar was named after a horse owned by the Mars' family.

Who owns the race horse named Visionaire?

The horse is owned by Team Valor and Vision Racing. Each having several investors with an ownership stake in Visionaire.

Who owned Texas in 1826?

Mexico owned Texas until 1835

Who won the 2013 Kentucky Derby?

A horse named Orb, owned by Baltimore native Stuart S. Janney II.

Who won the 30th Kentucky Derby?

A horse named Elwood won the thirtieth Kentucky Derby in 1904. Elwood was the first horse bred and owned by a woman to win the Derby.

Who was Soquili the horse?

Soquili the horse was a horse that was owned by WrathOfNessis on DeviantArt.

Did Queen Elizabeth II have a horse?

Yes. Over her life and reign she has owned many horses, but her favourite was one named Burmese.

Who owned Texas before it was established?

Mexico owned Texas before it was bought by the U.S. in 1820

Who owned Texas?

The land was originally owned by Spain.

Why do France flag fly over Texas?

Texas was once owned by France. Texas has been owned by 6 different countries.

What breed of horse did John Wayne ride?

Mr. Wayne had a series of horses that were his personally. The horse he owned until shortly before his death was a registered Quarter Horse named Dollar. When Wayne got the word about his terminal cancer he sold the horse for $15,000.

Who is the most famous barrel racing horse?

The most famous barrel racing horse is a Quarter Horse named Scamper. At the time of his retirement his earnings were over a million dollars. Scamper is owned by a young woman named Charmaine Rodman, and with Scamper's retirement Charmaine had to find a replacement which happened to be an American Paint.

Where did Morgan horses get their name?

If you read the book "Justin Morgan Had A Horse" by Marguerite Henry you will get most the story however that book is realistic fiction so not all of it's true. In short the Morgan horse got their name from Justin Morgan who owned a little stallion of unknown bloodlines who was bred to many mares for his great strength,speed, and endurance. Since Justin Morgan owned the stallion the breed was named after him.

Was a Paint Horse Named Lexington ever owned by Mackenzie Phillips?

NO!! A dishonest person north of Los Angeles is trying to claim the horse she is selling was Mackenzie Phillips. Total DISHONEST person - beware!!

Who is Soquili the horse?

Soquili the horse was a mustang owned by WrathOfNessis from Deviantart.

Who owned the doll from the titanic?

Um Some Girl Named Allison Or Something Like That I Mean I Know Her Name Had Allison In It........&& The Doll Was Vey Expensive && The Little Girl Named Allison Who Owned The Doll Was The Only One Who Did Not Survive In 1st Class (:

Who owned Texas before it became a state?

~it was owned by Mexico at the time~

What color was george washington's black horse?

George Washington's favorite horse was a chestnut named Nelson. He is often depicted in paintings on a grey horse and apparently owned a stallion named Blueskin. There is a reference to Washington requesting a trade for a black horse that he intends to use as a breeding stallion, since there are no paintings depicting this stallion we only have the word of the 1st President that he was black.

Where Pancho got his palomino horse Loco Who owned him and what was his lineage?

The actor who played Pancho was Leo Carrillo. Carrillo actually owned a ranch and Palomonis. Loco was played by one of his own horses, a favorite named Conquistador.

What is the name of thae stallion from which the Morgan horse breed was issued?

All Morgans trace back to a single foundation sire, a stallion named Figure, who was one timed owned by a man named Justin Morgan. The horse later identified by the name of this particular owner, and "The Justin Morgan Horse" also gave its name to the breed.

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