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The owner of the car is responsible for the damages that car creates, regardless of who was driving. If there is a lawsuit, the insurance company is certainly going to enjoin the driver. And you need to read the insurance policy carefully to know whether they cover other drivers.

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If your car was in an accident and the other person driving was at fault. Who's insurance should pay for your car damage?

the insurance of the person responsible for the accident

Does liability coverage cover the person driving and causing the accident?

Liability coverage offers coverage for bodily injury and property damage to the other vehicle and passengers who you hit if the accident is your faulty. It does not cover you or anyone in your vehicle.

What happens if you get into a motorcycle accident and you dont have insurance and its your fault in Florida?

You are responsible for the damage you cause in an accident, regardless if you are insured or not. Having insurance transfers your responsibility to pay for the damage from you to your insurance company. If there are injuries to the other party, then the other party's insurance should pay for their injuries, but you are still responsible for the property damage you have caused the other person.

How do you handle an auto accident on private property with no insurance?

Generally speaking, the person responsible for the accident is responsible for the damage. If the responsible person refuses to pay ot doesn't pay fast enough, the other can sue them if they wish.

Can anything be done if there was an accident but neither car made contact with each other?

If there was no contact between cars, then there would have been no damage to the cars. Was a person injured? What did the accident consist of? If nothing was damaged and nobody was harmed, there may have been sloppy or illegal driving, but there was no accident. And if it is a matter of a violation of driving rules (going through a stop light, for example) a police officer can issue a citation, but only if he or she was there at the time and saw it happen.

If you get in an accident while driving a friend's car will her car insurance go up or just yours?

In my experience, if someone drives my car and get in an accident, I think he or her insurance has to pay for the damage of the other party and mine pays for the damage of my car. However, her insurance should go up, but not mine because I am not the one who drive at the time the accident occurs.

Drove on a suspended licence and had a car accident not your fault what happens now police know all i live in qld?

You will probably receive a citation for driving while suspended. If you were not at fault for the accident, the other party involved should have insurance that will cover your loss or damage that resulted in the accident. It is a good thing that you were not at fault in this accident.

If you are involved in an accident and have no insurance what is your responsibility as far as compensating the other person?

Your responsibilities are no different than when you "Are Insured" You are liable for "All damages", Property Damage and Personal Injury, to the extent you were the cause of that damage.

If you loan your car to someone with a suspended license and they have an accident in your car would anything be covered?

No, if their license was suspended they should not be driving, if they are involved in an accident and are at fault the other person can go after you since it is your car and then you are liable.

If in a two-car accident one runs a stop sign causing the other to hit a house would the insurance of the one that caused the accident be liable or the one that damaged the house?

The person who hit the house would have to pay for the damage but that person can go back to the person who hit him causing the accident in the first place. It would work the same way as a three car accident.

Can you file an insurance claim against both the at fault drivers insurance and the owner of the car you were driving when the accident accured?

No, The at fault driver in the other vehicle is responsible for your losses. Not the person from who you borowed the car you were driving.

In Florida If you were in an accident and was excluded from driving the car and it was not your fault can the insurance co make the owner of the car pay for the damages on the other car?

The insurance company is not going to force anyone to pay for damages to a car. The person that was driving the car and or the owner of that car that caused the accident is liable for the damages to the other vehicles involved in the accident. If there is insurance coverage for that damage then the insurance company will pay. However if the driver of the at fault vehicle is excluded from the insurance policy then the insurance company may be relieved from it's responsibility to pay on behalf of the owner of the vehicle.

If a car was in an accident and the person driving had no licensed but was not at fault will the other persons insurance pay for damages because they were at fault?

Yes the insurance carrier of the person at fault will pay for the damages if they are in fact proved to be at fault. However you will be cited for driving without a license.

Who gets sued if you are involved in an accident and the other person is at fault?

other person get sued

Do DUI test save lives?

It depends on the case if a person is driving under the influence and is about to cause an accident an a police officer comes in and gives a DUI test than it could save more than 1 life one the person who was driving and the other person on the road. The other case is the person was driving on a road where there was no one else it could still save 1 life the person who was driving. Hope this answers your question! Dancergir295 :) Love, Peace, Dance, and God!

Will your insurance cover your car if you crashed while drunk driving?

If you have full covered insurance YES. Otherwise it will only cover the other person. DUI accident its just like a regular accident, with the difference that you will go to jail.

If a person has their permit driving someone else's car by them self and gets into and accident do they lose their licence what happends to the person they hit?

They're a juvinile right? They get a ticket (unlicensed driver) and probably will not be able to get their license until they're 18, maybe 20. If under age, the parents will probably be held responsible for the damage to the other car.

If you are drunk but have an accident and the other party was at fault will insurance pay for your car damages?

NO your insurance will not pay because you were drinking and driving which is ILLEGAL. You were at fault. It doesnt matter if you were stopped and the other person hit you you were still driving under the influence. YOU SHOULD GO TO JAIL.

In a car accident will you be at fault if you were on the cell phone?

It depends what the other person in the car accident was doing.

Do both parties of an accident need to report?

no, because sometimes the other person cause the accident.

Who is responsible for damage done to a uninsured vehicle?

If you have an accident with an uninsured vehicle, you and your insurance company are still liable for all damages, even though the other vehicle has no insurance. The only thing that will happen to the other driver is a citation for driving with no insurance.

If your at fault in an accident there is no damage to your car but the others how much do you have to pay?

If you are at fault in an accident, You are responsible for any personal injuries and the reasonable cost of repair for for the damage to the other vehicle that you hit. The level of damage to your own vehicle does not mitigate the cost of the damage to the vehicle you hit. After all you still caused the damage and you are responsible for it.

If your in an accident and the other driver lies about not driving does that have any affects to the accident investigation?

I would let the police office know right away about this.

What is the difference between third party and fully comprehensive car insurance?

Third Party Insurance only covers the person you have hit in the accident, you have to pay for all the damage to your own vehicle yourself. Fully Comprehensive covers all your damage and all of the other person's damage.

Can you get pulled over in PA for driving a car that has some front end damage from an accident?

Yes this is probable cause (hit and run or other criminal activity) Just have proof that the accident was reported as required by law. They also can check your lights and safety items and ticket you and or impound the car.