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Much of Asia was invaded by Japan during World War 2.


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The Japanese took over much of Southeast Asia during World War II.

Vladimir Lenin is the revolutionary leader who took over Russia in World War 1.

Vladimir Lenin was leader of the radical socialists who took over Russia in World War 1.

He was one of the greatest conquers in the whole world, he took over almost all of asia,and never was over thrown by his people

Japan took over South East Asia and its resources.

The Germans took over the World and the Mexico invented Salsa.

The oldest man made place of worship was built in Asia around 10,000 BCE. The Great Wall of China was stated around the 7th century BC. The Mongol Empire took over most of Asia during the 13th century. The Russian Empire took over Siberia in the 17th century. Opium became a widespread problem in Asia in the 1700s. Asia supported North Korea during the Korean War.

China was invaded by Japan in 1937.

If Disney took over the world, then everything would be goofy.

Mr. Myers mustache jumped off his face and took over the world.

they took over somewere idk and dont ask ok because it may have been asia or something like that

I, George Bush, took all the photos during the world war I and world war II.Not a photo i took! I took all the photos !hahahahahahahahahaha

With all of the men fighting the war, women basically took over the workforce during World War 2.

during the first world war 1 the suffragettes and other women took over the mens jobs as the men was at war

They took over the Babylonian Empire, then added to it by taking over Asia Minor, Central Asia, The Indus Valley, Libya, Egypt and northern Greece.

Lenin took over and the czar's entire family was killed

women took over playing professional baseball at the time

Japan took it over then the allies helped China got it back.

Women, during the second World War, took over many of the traditional jobs of the men who went off to fight Hitler and the Nazis.

Ibn Battuta was born and died in the city of Tangier, Morocco. However, his journeys around the world took 24 years during which he lived in numerous cities in the Middle East, South Asia, East Asia, Central Asia, and Southern Spain.

When they took over the Babylonian Empire and expanded through Egypt to central Asia in the later 6th Century BCE.

the Italians seized North Africa for a small time and took over a Greek island with the Germans.

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