Who was afer the Tudors?

The Tudor line began with Henry Tudor (Henry VII), who took the crown from the last Plantagenet King, Richard III, upon the latter's death at the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485, effectively ending the long period of spasmodic civil war, known as the "Wars of the Roses." Henry was succeeded by his second son, also called Henry - the VIII of that name. Henry VIII was succeeded, in turn, by all three of his legitimate offspring. First, by his only son, Edward VII who reigned from 1547 - 1553. Next, by his eldest daughter Mary, who reigned from 1553 - 1558. Finally, by his younger daughter Elizabeth (Elizabeth I), who reigned from 1558 - 1603. With Elizabeth's death, the Tudor line came to an end. The crown of England then passed to the only possible claimant - James VI of Scotland, who then became James I of England. James I was the only child of Mary Stuart (Mary Queen of Scots, whom Elizabeth had allowed to be judicially murdered in 1587), and founded the Stuart line . The Stuarts held the throne of England (except for the short-lived Commonwealth period) until 1714, when the line passed to the Hanovers.