Who was the God of Christianity and Judaism?


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There is only One God in Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

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How is the nature of God in Judaism different from God in Christianity

God is biggest, so Christianity. Judaism and Christianity are from God and Judaism was the laying of the path for Christianity. Recieving of the Messiah- Christianity.

Difference between the concept of God in Judaism Christianity and Islam is as stated. Islam ; One God (Allah in Arabic) Christianity ; One God who is a Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit Judaism ; One God, Yahweh.

Answer from Islamic perspective:The three religions; Judaism, Christianity, and Islam; are Abrahamic religions that calling to worship one and only one God.However,Some Christians consider Jesus God or son God in contrast to Judaism and Islam.In Christianity, eating pork is allowed in contrast to Judaism and IslamIn Christianity, drinking alcohol is allowed in contrast to Judaism and Islam

He is Jewish, but he is said to be the savior (the son of god) of Christianity.

God founded faith in Judaism and Christianity, with Judaism having the promises and Christianity having the fulfillment of the promises.

The basis of Judaism, Christianity and Islam is the belief in the ONENESS of Almighty God (Allah - in Arabic).

Judaism and Christianity both believe in the same god. But Christianity believes Jesus is the Messiah predicted in the Old Testament, and Judaism thinks Jesus wasn't the Messiah.

Christianity acknowledges that Judaism began with Abraham as the first person after Noah to have a personal relationship with God.

The origins of Christianity were based on Judaism (Old Testament). They share the same Father God and creator.

I am pretty sure considering the fact that Judaism and Christianity have the same god. Judaism just call god Jehovah (English spelling on name)

Judaism Christianity and Islam.

Christianity: Son of God (Messiah) Islam: Prophet Judaism: False messiah

They all have only one God However that is where the similarity ends as the god that Buddhism contemplates is not a finite personality as is the case with Judaism ' Christianity and Islam for that matter.

Christianity is monotheistic, so it only has one god, known to Christians as God. To further distinguish the God of Christianity (and of Judaism and Islam) from other gods, he is sometimes called the Abrahamic God.

Socrates did not believe in the singular God of Judaism, Christianity, or Islam.

Allah (or God in English); same God in Christianity and Judaism.

Both Christianity & Judaism worship the God Of Abraham. The difference in their view of Him is that Christianity believes that God Is Triune: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Jews do not believe in the Trinity. They hold that Jesus was a regular human being.

Yes, the religion of Judaism believes that there is one and only one God with no partner and no associate. He is the same God worshiped in Islam and Christianity.

The connection between Islam, Christianity and Judaism is that the three religions trace their history to the covenant between God and Abraham.

Yes Allah (or God in English) is the same God in Christianity and Judaism

Same God is worshiped in Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. God is called in Islam (in Arabic) Allah. God is written as Allah in the Arabic versions of the Bible.

God founded Judaism and Christianity. Judaism was put on earth through the family of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Allah. The same God as in Christianity and Judaism.

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