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Who was the Japanese prime minister who announced the greater east Asia co-prosperity sphere?


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Prime Minister Fumimaro Konoe


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Germany had "Fortress Europe", Japan had the "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere." Each a name for their finished conquests.According to my U.S history book, it says "In 1940, Japan's prime minister announced a Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere to be led by the Japanese, extending from Manchuria in the north to the Dutch East Indies in the south. Japan declared it would liberate Asia from European colonizers..." (Prentice Hall America Pathways to the Present [Texas Edition], PG. 584)

大義のために (taigi no tame ni) would mean "For the greater good" in Japanese. It's literal meaning is "In order for the great righteousness", but due to colloquialisms it would be the best approximation of "For the greater good".

A "Greater East Asia" under the control of the Japanese Empire.

ou/王 or daiou/大王 difference- daiou means a greater king

The greater resources and the breaking of the German and Japanese codes

The Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere .

ou/王 or daiou/大王 difference- daiou means a greater king

During WW2 it was , by Japan , referred to as the 'Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere' .

The Japanese justified their invasions as an attempt to unite East Asia into a Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere that would free East Asians from domination from Europe and America.

Because the Russian army was for greater than the German's, and with the Japanese getting whupped by the Americans they had no other allies.

The Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere was the name given to an economic initiative of Imperial Japan during the 1940s. Publicly announced in 1940, it was intended to unify East Asian nations in a set of mutually beneficial trade, agricultural, and manufacturing agreements. The initiative failed to achieve any significant results due to war with the United States and the fundamentally self-interested involvement of Japan in the initiative.The Greater East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere was the name and concept given by the Japanese Imperial Government to the aggregate of the lands they conquered.

It is greater!It is greater!It is greater!It is greater!

Because the Japanese had greater experience in jungle warfare and could easily outmatch the poorly equipped, demoralized British.


A Japanese political slogan which means "all the world under one roof". Which, when used by the radicals of the day, meant, the Japanese were "...a divine race destined to pacify the world, by force if necessary." Which was later used by the Imperial Army to begin a war in Manchuria, China...which then manifested itself into the Japanese official policy of creating a "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere", which resulted in WWII for the United States.

Honshu is the largest island. Most of it's population comes from the Greater Tokyo area. It is also the second most populated next to Java in Indonesia. :]

"Shogun" was the title held by a military Japanese ruler. The power of the Shogun was sometimes greater than the Emperor, and sometimes lesser, depending on the time in question.

According to a rough translation of the Bleach anime from Japanese to English, which uses many Spanish words to describe types of Hollow, Menos is spanish for minus or lesser. an Example would be the Menos Grande hollow, or (roughly translated) the "lesser of the greater" hollows. (only two types are greater, so it is truly lesser of the greater kinds of hollow.)

Only going by my very Christian and very lovely sister's wedding: 3 white candles, in the Church, at first unlit. When came almost the time to announce the Bride and Groom were announced man and wife, the Minister lit the Bride and Groom's candles, that they held. Then, the bride and groom stood near the 3rd candle and used their own candles to light the 3rd Candle, so that spiritually, they were married at that instant, the Minister announced to all in the Church that my sister and brother in law were NOW married; so that the lights, the spiritual light of both Bride and Groom became ONE, and also that the Minister said that: the lights of the Bride and Groom are now, when the 3rd candle was lit, the spiritual light of the 2 candles becomes ONE and ALSO GREATER than before. This ceremony required a 3-fold candle holder, at the front of the Church, and the 3rd candle was in the MIDDLE, the other two candles at the sides, and is also I suppose, a symbolic and lovely gesture from my sister and her husband, the 3 candles also symbolic of Father, Son, Holy Spirit.

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Yes. She was Elected in 2010Correction:Julia Gillard was not elected by the people. She was the Deputy Prime Minister under Kevin Rudd's Labor-led government. When Mr Rudd's policies were proving to be damaging to Labor, Ms Gillard challenged Mr Rudd for the leadership, and she received greater support from within her own party.Correction of Correction:When Gillard first became Prime Minister she was not elected, TRUE - but she has since won an election and is now legitimately a democratically-elected Prime Minister.

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Japan moved toward a greater democracy, Political Parties grew stronger, and elected members of the Diet- the Japanese Parliment.

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Learning to live your life with greater efficiency. That is really all Japanese culture is about, efficiency. Personally though if I had to venture a personal opinion on the subject, efficiency has a place in business and "to do" things only, but not family and friend relations, or intimate relationships. Basically its good to be efficient only with "business" and "must do" stuff. The Japanese make the mistake of being efficient with EVERYTHING.

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