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Who was the enemy in World War 2?


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WWII was basically Japan, Italy, and Germany versus every other country. (USA, Britain, etc.)


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The parachutes in World War 2 were reusable except when they were in enemy territory. They had to bury their chutes then.

Russia was the US's main enemy after WW2

Alliances were made. Friendly nations became the enemy.

Never underestimate the enemy.

To both gain support of the war, and to demonize the enemy.

The question is unanswerable as asked since it does not define who the "enemy" is.

Japan was their common enemy.

Anything that could neutralize the enemy.

Nazi Germany, Italy and Japan.

I would say Germany. Although Japan was a big enemy.

To carry messages across enemy lines.

Non of the above. It was sleeping lol

Internment camps in World War 2 were for enemy aliens.

To fight the enemy and reestablish peace and order

To rally public morale and to demoralize the enemy .

Their language was indecipherable to the enemy

Propaganda was used to villianize the enemy, and to encourage the war effort.

Some World War 2 movies are: Flags of Our Fathers, The Thin Red Line, and Enemy At the Gates. The Dirty Dozen and Empire of the Sun are also World War 2 movies.

During World War 2, California was part of the United States, so any enemy of the U.S. would, by extension, have been an enemy of California. For example, Italy, Japan, or Germany.

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