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The Vietnam government would have Americans believed that there were no POWs left behind, but indeed there were. Special American Missions (very risky) were sent over to free POWs, but the Vietcong moved them from one place to the other so quickly few were found and most after being tortured or starved probably died. If a few managed to survive they would have either been brain-washed or so use to the conditions in which they lived they stayed in Vietnam. There were a few POWs who made it and they had actually forgotten how to speak English. No one really knows who the last POW was. Both the American and Vietnam Governments cease to admit there are any POWs left. Marcy

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Q: Who was the first and last POW of the Vietnam War?
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When was John McCain a POW in Vietnam?

McCain was a POW during the Vietnam war.

Who was the first POW in Vietnam war?

Everett Alvarez, Jr. Navy Commander (pilot)

What were POW camps in the Vietnam war?

See website: Prisoner-of-war Camp (there is a list of POW camps on this site)

When was the last US draft for war?

The Civil War was the first, Vietnam was the last.

When was the last us draft fo war?

The US Civil War was the first, the Vietnam War was the last.

What are pow and what did they wear?

During war, when fighting against recognized nations; POW=Prisoner of War. During the Vietnam War, US POWs wore striped prison uniforms.

Vietnam war POW?

Prisoners of War; nearly all were downed airmen (shot down US airmen) over North Vietnam.

When the last time the draft was used in the us?

First, US Civil War; Last, Vietnam War.

How did you show your support in the Vietnam war?

I wore a POW bracelet with the name of a soldier missing on it.

Vietnam war and the pow?

Less than one thousand POWs. They were released in 1973.

Was Stephen Douglas holloway a POW?

There is no record of any member of any service with the last name "Holloway" on the official U.S. Government POW/MIA lists for Vietnam, Korea, or the Cold War. Impersonating a POW is a serious offense, as is impersonating any veteran, especially a decorated one.

How many people were MIA in the Vietnam war?

Nearly 2,000 US servicemen were POW/MIA during the war.

Were POW soldiers tortured in the Vietnam War?

Yes on both sides. Ps Vietnam was not a war it was a police action where any thing and any one was fair game.

Who was the highest ranking POW in the Vietnam war?

Vice Admiral James B. Stockdale, USN.

Where were American POW prison camps for North Vietnamese prisoners during the Vietnam War?

POW camps for Communist Prisoners of War were operated by the South Vietnamese Government, with US Military Policemen detailed to each POW camp. See site: Prisoner-of-war Camp.

Who was involved in the Hanoi Hilton prison camps?

Prisoner of War (POW) camps dotted North Vietnam (as they did in South Vietnam). The Hanoi Hilton was but one of them. It, like nearly all of the POW camps located in North Vietnam, contained shot down US airmen.

How many POW are there from the Vietnam War?

Less than 1,000 US POWs were returned to the US in 1973.

How many us pow were in Vietnam war?

Approximately 600 US POW's were returned to the US in 1973.

How many Americans were reported as missing in action during the Vietnam War?

MIA/POW approximately 2,000.

When did the draft start?

The first US draft was the US Civil War. The last US draft was the Vietnam War.

Why are McCain's arms short?

Mccain does not have short arms because he was tortured when he was a POW in the Vietnam war. They are just short.

How many American men went missing during the Vietnam war?

Nearly 2,000 men were MIA/POW.

When Was the Last War Draft?

The first US draft was during the US Civil War (1861-1865); the last US draft was during the Vietnam War (1961-1975).

What did pow camp stand for?

Prisoner of war camp FIRST

What is a POW and what kind of treatment did they receive as POW in Vietnam?

POW is a Prisoner of War. Americans who were POWs of the North Vietnamese were generally treated very poorly, with many instances of food and sleep deprivation, actual physical torture, and psychological stressing.